Theme Tuesdays: I like mine with no shine


Sorry this one is a little late getting out the door, but look on the bright side you have been that much more productive at work today.

With vinyl wraps becoming more prevalent there are a lot more cars coming out with matte finishes. I’m a fan of the look however it’s done but big props to those who do it flawlessly with paint.

The Matte black Infamous Project 5.0
I really like this finish
The matte finish sort of hides the flares here
Like a boss
This car has undergone some changes which I will have more info on shortly
Have I posted this s2k before? Perhaps, but its worth a second glance
Hot Rod flats
Skunk 2 Civic
8th gens are growing on me
This NSX was later painted red but I like it this way better personally
Win, Win, Win
That's some bright ass pink!
Black shoe
All paint, all bad ass
Meanest looking Toureg ever? I think so.


  1. the hole satin and mat movement has been realy big in eu for the last cople of years but its realy starting to wind down almoast becoming old hat

  2. Touareg is the best car…all others blow.. and do you mean repomen with emilio esteves, cos that car was not in there????

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