Theme Tuesdays: Pictures With Attitude: 3


Another follow up to the ‘Pictures with attitudeTheme Tuesday series, these sometimes take a little longer than other themes to come together but they always go over quite well.

I’m also about half way through another Classy car model Theme Tuesday as well so fingers crossed I can have that for you guys next week.

I am obsessed with my fender gap but would never check it rolling
Miatas and flames/sparks often make an appearance in these
Love seeing atypical cars get sideways
Easy does it...
4x4 guys sure know how to have fun
Beast mode
Stock suspension pushed to it's limit
Who said 4 doors and a sunroof were useless?
Stunt drivers get to do things we can't... legally
Missed this one in the rolling shot post
Just checking the alignment
Drift police?
Bad ass.
Well this is just breath taking
This is the best sticker collage I have seen in a LONG time
See ya


  1. LOVE the 76(i think im right?) corola sweet .that patrol looks like its being born” mud chil” lol and the is soooooo neat shame its missing its dufuser and is that a usdm rabbit bumper ? i wonder if the sticker are clear coated over to stop the pealing or faiding

  2. Love that shot of the Corolla getting angle, I’m also feeling the stickered up Mk1, I previously haven’t really seen the appeal in stickered lips but going the whole hog and doing the lower half of the car? Awesome.

  3. The Corolla is most bad ass.

    I wonder if the stickers are clearcoated as well, but I agree that it looks way better than just a sticker-ed lip. I don’t know where people get all the stickers…

  4. Im calling shenanigans on that 2nd pic (the miata)

    How can it be shooting fire when the car isn’t even on or have a driver in the car?

    photoshoped, i seen a few of these in my time, you can tell by the pixels

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