Event Coverage: GTA Spring E30 Meet – by Sam H


Contributing photographer/e30 addict, Sam H made it out to another Maxbimmer e30 meet last Saturday after attending a BMW-Trillium auto cross. As always his coverage is great and his rolling shots are off the hook.

While not everyone had their e30s out at this meet (they take a little longer to get out of hibernation than newer cars) there was still a great bunch of cars out.

I hope to make it to the fall meet and hang out with some of the familiar e30/bmw fam.

The Auto Cross

Another thing I have been meaning to get out to is a Trillium Autocross event, one day…

e36 going through the paces
I wonder what kind of times this put down?
Awesome plate
e46 gettin loose
Scott's an auto cross regular
Gettin on the gas
Rudy puttin in work

The e30s

The cars of the hour

Clean alpine white coupe
Devon is still killing it
The same nice touring from the last meet
Rudy's car in track trim

Other Cars

Few of the non e30 owners, past e30 owners, and fans

Dope satin black Golf
Sick looking bolts
Stephens e30 was sick so it makes sense his Corrado is as well
Never heard of these guys before, like the name though
Lol @ Helvitca sticker
Another scraped crusader

Rolling Shots

Sam is really good at taking rolling shots. He also seems to have a fetish for red e30s (no surprise) and Rudy’s e30, I am not complaining

This man has a lot of e30s
Rudy rollin proper
Can't get enough of this car
K1's look awesome spinning
Last one


Looks like Mr Burroughs isn’t the only Mike who’s swapping s52 (or s54 in this case) motors into the e36 chassis.

A local GTA BMW tech, and friend of mine, recently got his up and running and we are already in talks of doing a feature once he has the rest of the car dialed in. Can’t wait.

more on this car very soon

Photo Credits: Sam H – big thanks for sending your pictures through!


  1. mintage!!!!!!!!! i wonder the sort of mindset it takes to want to take a crew cab pickup to an auto cross event lol i wonder if theres a class for pickup’s i supose its a challenge

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