Saab 9-2X Aero For Sale


I am a bad friend, I’ve been meaning to post contributing photographer, aspiring comedian, and good friend Keven Soldo’s car for sale for awhile now and kept forgetting.

He is selling his clean imported Saab 9-2x and if you don’t know what this car is, it’s basically a Subaru in Saab skin. Check the bottom of this post to see what it could look like with a drop and some wheels.

I’ve been in this car several times and I can vouch for how clean it is, if you are looking for a new car consider this.

The car as it is now

This is a hard to find 2005 Saab 9-2x Aero 227hp 2.0L 4cyl boxer turbo with 5spd. manual transmission. I purchased this car from the original owner from Florida and imported it myself because they were hard to find locally. It has all the basic features like PW, PL, PM, PS. It also has the winter package which includes heated seats, mirrors, and windshield. This car has zero rust, and was rust proofed before being driven in the winter, and is mechanically solid. The rad cracked on me back at the end of August and I replaced/upgraded it with a Mishimoto aluminum Car has just over 99,000km on it.

Asking $13,800 obo
More info

Looks like a Saab but it
Confuse your friends
Impress women
All for 13,800

and what it could be

This 9-2x was going to be Keven's inspiration
Perfect fitment
Classic set of wheels
One dope Saab - too bad it got written off 🙁


  1. much like alot of guys who read your blog (porbabley) i have a full country and the make file sistem of fotos but im sad to say i only have 2 fotos a 9-2 and a 99 turbo and thay both look bad ass its a shame there not comonly moded or good dipending how you look at it sooooo much cooler than a scooby

  2. Hey guys,

    Thanks for the kind words, and a BIG thanks to Dave, for posting this for me. It’s unfortunate that I have to get rid of her, as I did have big plans and a locker full of parts just waiting to be installed, but these are the harsh things that adult life makes you do!

    Anyways, if you did have any questions, feel free to contact me through the Subaru forum or my email (cro004 at hotmal dot com).

    My post on the Subaru forums has some updated info that I forgot to mention like the OEM STi up pipe that I installed. I also am looking to sell the car quick, and would prefer to get rid of it before July so the buyer doesn’t get hit with the HST tax (in Ontario) so I dropped the price to $12,500 which is a bargain even for an 05 WRX.

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