IND Atlantis M3


I saw this beast of an M3 on first and it really took me by surprise since normally I don’t really feel much either way about this model m3.

I was only further impressed by this car when I found the build on Any company looking to do a big budget build should take inspiration from IND because this is how it’s done right.

None of that gaudy over the top chock full of decal nonsense, keep it clean.

Attention to detail and flawless execution are what make this car a real beauty.

Flawless Atlantis Blue Paint
Clean and sexy
Stance to die for
I am surprised the crowd around this car is so small

With such an exquisite exterior IND could have chose to leave the interior of this car fairly stock but instead they decided to go all out with it and create an interior that is equally remarkable.

Craziest steering wheel I have EVER seen
Genuine BMW leather covered BMW performance seats, they don't come this way
Custom CF cover for the area in which the seats were removed accents the color matched roll bar
M stiched shift boot, nice touch
Broader shot of the cock pit

IND also made sure this car put down some power to back up it’s looks, the blue m3 puts down 522hp at just 6.5PSI thanks to a ESS super charger kit. Which means this car will have no problems pushing you back into those lovely seats.

Everything, to the nines
Another shot of the bay
Just imagine what this beast sounds like...

Overall this car blows me away in a way few other cars have.
Check out the build here, and a page with more awesome photos here.


  1. awsome shame about the color and the cut out in the bumper other than that very m3 subtile other wise sexy as csl lol

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