BBS RS Love From Japan


Many regard Japan as one of a few meccas of automotive culture. Having never been I can’t confirm or deny this fact but based on the amount of people flocking to Japan to take pictures of cars I can only assume it is at least partially true.

Something I have always found interesting about Japan’s automotive scene is the fact that while they often set the trends we follow here they also pick up on a lot of our styling cues and more often than not improve on them.

I stumbled on these two cars a few weeks ago and in addition to demonstrating just how clean cars from Japan are, it also further illustrates the versatility of the almighty BBS RS.

How many other wheels not only look great both a Celsior and Mira but also come in sizing for both?

From what I can skim from the top of the blog posts with the help of Google Translate is that the Daihatsu Mira L700S is Daigo’s daily driver and in addition to lots of low it’s got a lip spoiler, a genuine (oem upgrade perhaps) front bumper, and HIDs.

Specs are 7″ et+30 BBS RS wheels with 5mm spacers and about 5-6 degrees of camber all around.

Fittingly quite a few photos were taken of it at Hella Flush Japan.

The Celsior, which dwarfs the Mira in size, seems to be Daigo’s weekend toy that has gone through a number of revisions including one on Champion Edition LMS.

The most recent setup has the car sitting it on top of 19″ (8.5-1/9.5+5) BBS Super RS wheels.

Problems with the exhaust paying the toll to the ground are often mentioned which leads me to believe that it sucks to roll hard even in Japan.

If you can read Japanese maybe take a look at Daigos blog here.

Speaking of big Sedans on BBS wheels according to Liberty VIP King Pin (previous feature here) is also trying out some BBS LMs.

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