Theme Tuedays: Acura NSX


Sometimes I spend so much time looking for different and obscure cars to do Theme Tuesdays on that I forget about the classics.

That is the only somewhat sane justification I can give for taking so long to do a Tuesday post on the Acura NSX.

I know some of you shudder at the thought of ‘NSX’ and ‘stance’ in the same sentence but don’t worry not all of these are tipped totally towards the form site of things.


Local car from Honda Tech 2009 at Downsview Park
This was spotted at the Truck and Tuner Expo in Niagara
and this at the Battleground show and shine
ImportExpo's NSX made the rounds this year
This NSX is a monster. Why you ask?
This is why
Never seen this one around personally but found it inside another thread


Ketchup, Mustard, and Mayo
K.I.T.T. 2001?
NSXs and TEs go together
Though Works also work...
Looks like Hulk's got an NSX too
Find the rest of this one another day
You may have noticed at this point that I am a fan of the flip up headlights
Hamann PG2s on a Honda? First time I have seen that
Perfect setup for both the street and track...
Fixed headlight fans I didn't forget you
I seem to recall this car causing threads of love and hate after it was first posted
Comin' at ya
While I'm not a huge fan of these wheels on an NSX can't argue with that dish out back
Garaget watermarks always mean good things
Think he's going the speed limit?
Dang indeed
This was the car that sparked the mid/rear engine drift debate on Facebook a few weeks back
Mayday Garage kills it
See this one in tons of the coverage from Cali events
Going to end it with this one...

I know I missed quite a few that have recently made the net, don’t worry though part two is already twelve photos deep….


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