WTF Friday: Double Down


This Miata is the automotive equivalent of the KFC ‘Double Down‘ sandwich. It takes a sound concept (in this case a v8 Miata) and doubles it up into something that isn’t very visually appealing and ultimately extremely hazardous to your health.

With two Chevy 350s out in the open air and a frame that looks ready to give in on itself safe this probably isn’t. But loud, over the top, and obnoxious it certainly is.

Note in the videos below how long it takes to get this obnoxiously long roadster out of its parking spot and pointed down the street and then remember that Mazda originally designed the Miata to be nimble.

Another thing worth noting is the fittingly doubled up cherry bombs that make up the side pipes.

This is also somehow perfectly street legal, just like the double down.

Kudos to the builders for getting this thing built and running though, I see far too many photos of twin engine vehicles that leave you wondering if they run and drive.

1/4 pass next?

Site Updates

The biggest news this week would be that I managed to score myself a media pass for the Canadian International Auto Show

Man... they give these things to anyone!

I’m hoping to make it out to media day so if you are going to be there on that day feel free to give me a holler, I should be in a Stance Is Everything tee.

Flashback Friday

The Miata above reminded me of the GTO below from a WTF Friday in 2010.

For the record, no, I have never had a Double Down sandwich.


  1. yo dawg, i heard you like small blocks so we put a small block beside your small block so you can run a small block while running a small block.

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