Iron Horse


Certainly going really heavy on the bagged cars this week, not 100% intentional, but how could you not like an e30 as beautiful as this?

The recipe for success in this case is a clean late model, Gotti wheels in specs that suit the car to a tee, a dash of stretch, and a healthy serving of low.

If this car looks a little familiar it is because a teaser video featuring it (and an mk4 Jetta) was posted on the fanpage earlier this week.

After how well the video was received a post of the still shots was a must.

That fitment.
Only stretched to what is necessary
Location kind of reminds me of the distillery here
The owners good with a lens also, which never hurts
The only thing I would love to see is a shot or two sans roof rack

Photo credit/more: Rion Morse


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