Event Coverage: CSCS Opener 2011: Pt 1


The Canadian Sport Compact Series kicked of their season with one hell of an eventful day last Sunday. Mr. weatherman finally blessed CSCS with a glowing, scorching, rain free, forecast that lead to a spectacular turn out.

In fact it was the best turn out I’ve ever seen at CSCS since I have been attending. The distance I had to park from the action was a clear indicator of just how many people came out to enjoy a day of motor sport.

The Show and Shine drew a number of cars, the road course was well utilized, and the drag strip saw heavy action all day. Some of that track action is what I will be posting today.

The Rollover

May as well get the elephant out of the room right from jump street….

Locals and facebook fans already know a lot about this (as well as autoblog readers) but for those of you who don’t the driver of the Subaru below (who is reported not to be the owner) came out of the turn leading into the long straight at TMP and clipped a hay bale which sent him ass over tea kettle.

Unfortunate? Yes. But no one got seriously injured and it serves as a good reminder to how dangerous tracking can be and makes me very glad I did thatTeam SGR clinic my first time out.

After the dust settled this was all I saw
The track actually got cleared off fairly quickly considering
Lucky, lucky driver

Spectator video via youtube:

Road Course

Because I was watching so much drag racing I missed a lot of the open lapping (other than the obvious above event) and time attack. But I did manage to snap a few shots as the time attack was ending and drifters were about to take to the course.

Pete putting Spencer's old K1s to good use
This Subaru was rippin
Gotta have decent bank to track a late model BMW like this... or just be really confident


It was awesome to see the drags running all day. Probably the most drag racing I have ever seen done at TMP. Cars, bikes and snowmobiles all took their trip down the quarter mile and many of which were quite fast.

It’s also way easier to pan drag racing shots so it was good practice.

This Nova was pretty serious
This turbo fox could also move like the wind
Civic heatin up the rubber
Subaru getting away from an Acura
Almost lost this Civic, he lost his competition
Panning shots getting a bit better as the day went on
This is my favorite panning shot of the weekend.


A few new (to me) faces on the scene this year which is great to see. Props go out to Liam from Dorimoto for having a stellar day.

Funny I was just wondering where this Volvo ended up
It's V8 powered and sounds beastly
Headlights remind me of Johnny Five
Team Sailun / Cool Kids
Opposite end of the pack
My RPF-1 obsession lead me to this car
Chris reppin the new teal
Liam chasing down an IS300
Ryan stock in the top 16
Don't recall seeing this car out last year
Chris initiating
Laim's initiation
That car up front there was kicking up some of the most smoke all day
Another new one to my eyes
Laim following Fiddy in a tandem

Show and shine photos should up tomorrow provided I don’t just end up riding my bike all night tonight…


  1. That Subaru crash was crazy… Makes me wonder why he swung out so wide and why he didn’t slow down.

    The late model BMW can’t be all bad to run, just don’t overdo it. People thought I was a bit crazy tracking the Miata 5+ hours from home after driving her there with nothing else, haha.

    Question though: What lens did you use for these shots? The panning turned out really well!

  2. 4 wheel drive…? No use to this halfwit xD

    I honestly can’t understand how he managed to get into that situation..

    ‘Clipped the haybale’ More like ran straight into it lol

    Amazing coverage as usual, this site is like a ritual to me now hahaa

    Pics of the polo once i get that cat removed ;P

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