Theme Tuesdays: Classy Car Models Part 2


Last time I did a ‘classy modelTheme Tuesday it went over a lot better than I thought it would. Really I shouldn’t have been surprised. Guys like cars, and guys like girls it’s natural.

But girls also like cars, but they often do not like car show models. What girls do like (generally and in addition to cars) are clothes and style, thus classy car models give the female readers something to enjoy as well.

This way everyone wins! Except me, the screening process for this is hell on my eyes 😛

Classy... Iroc.. I know but still she's a good looking mostly clothed girl
This photo came up a lot in my search so I included it this time
Can't remember the last time I watched Power Block, is she still the host?
She is trying not to pull a Paris Hilton/Britney Spears
The car's not really my style but...
Another from the same shoot
A lot of the more tastefully dressed models prefer BMWs go figure
More BMW love
Her stance is odd
Rude to point and laugh young lady
Think she's imported?
Checking out back seat space...
Another picture of the Beetle chick from last time
Cool part about this photo is that she owns the car
It's not a car but I don't hear you complaining
Both the car and the girl are stunning


  1. Haha, how long does it take you to dig all these up? It does sound mighty torturous, you poor thing. 😉

    Sometime in the next few weeks I’m getting together with a guy to do a shoot with the Miata… We’ll see how those manage to come out. The helmet and gloves will be involved, plus skirts and heels. Just a few of my favorite things. 😛

  2. Hi Dave,

    Just found your website with these collections and I have to say you did an AWESOME job. I’m a female enthusiast and you hit the nail on the head with these classy model posts. The only thing I would add is girls are not just about clothes who like cars. It’s also the issue of car models usually not being “real models.” Anybody get can get half naked and rub all over a car, that’s why girls usually do not like car models (at least in my experience).

    If they dressed more classy, behaved more gracefully and worked half as hard for their job as fashion models, I’d have a lot more respect for them.

    Once again, great job creating these, I may have to steal some of these images but I’ll definitely give you a shout out on my facebook page & my blog 🙂 Hit the link and check out I Dream of Speed!

    • Hey, thanks for the kudos. You are correct on a lot of counts, I do not like returning to my car and having it covered with model stains.

      And I agree a lot of the models are not in fact actual models just women who like to not wear a lot of clothes.

      Hopefully I can do another one of these soon 🙂

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