Winter Wednesdays: Achtung


I was pretty surprised yesterday when I went to leave Joyride and was greeted with a snow covered car, with Christmas being so green I just sort of assumed we were not getting snow for awhile.

With snow comes a lot of things that suck: extended travel times, frozen doors, reduced visibility and worst of all salt.

However snow also brings with it some good like drifting (or e brake sliding), snowboarding, and most importantly the return of Winter Wednesdays here on SIE.

For those of you who were not reading last year Winter Wednesday is when I post low cars in snowy conditions every Wednesday there is a snowfall (or remnants of a recent snowfall) here in the GTA.

Today’s photos are not exactly new but don’t worry, winter is just getting started.

If anyone knows the original photo credit of these shots holler as I spotted them on gawa.

Also if you have not done so already take a look at the shot of Alex’s daily driven show car at Blue Mountain I uploaded to the fanpage today.


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