WTF Friday: Forgot About This


The year coming to a close means that one of my favourite threads (most hacked/ugly shit ever seen) on s10forum is also coming to a close.

Yesterday while giving the thread one last read through the following incident randomly jumped from the recesses of my mind.

Since it happened in 2009 I forget the exact chain of events I read at the time but the pictures do a great job of filling in the blanks.

The following is what happens when you acknowledge you have a gas leak but then proceed to do nothing about it and continue to drive around aired out.

Well there is your problem right there someone cut a hole in the bed.
Maybe the thinking here was once he put it in drive he could outrun the flames
Laying frame with a second gen front end and a Colorado headlight conversion
all for not...

Was anyone reading at Spring Fling that year? Is the story really as cut and dry as the photos make it out to be?

More photos on Drop Jaw Mag.

Site Updates

Some of you may have noticed that I tweeted the following picture a couple days ago.

For those who are not nerds that is a design on the left screen and source code right

Yes, I am working on giving the site a refresh, finally.

There is still quite a few things left for me to do before I throw the switch but things are going quite well so far.

No official launch date yet but it shouldn’t be too far off.

Flashback Friday

Level One in 2010 shot by Gawa. After a successful 2011 I wonder what these guys have in store for 2012?

The first part of two posts looking back at the events of 2011 is coming later today!


  1. New layout looks amazing Dave! planning on incorperating Facebook connect so we can like your articles/comment via facebook as well? [FORUMS! :P]

    • Thanks Matt, the facebook like button will make it’s way over but I think I will keep the same commenting system (maybe ad an option to comment with facebook account however).

      Forums are too much for me to do unless somehow this becomes a full time gig!

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