Level One doing big things


Last week I posted a sick STI on Advans sharing lens space with an equally sick s2000 and the week before that I posted a flush s2000 on blue Volks which was the car that started the local s2000 onslaught.

Today I’ve got some more photos of the s2000 and STI, along with a TSX, 350z and the Civic SI you might have seen hiding in the original s2000 shoot.

All of these cars belong to a local group called Level One and are pushing Toronto local fitment/stance scene to, pardon the pun, new levels.

My fav car of the set, no point in denying it
I can almost hear the boxer burble
All this white and not the NextMod crew? What's going on?
Ti exhaust matches the color of the wheels pretty damn well
Don't see a lot of TSX's this well done around here
Low and clean
See the K. Saun sticker on the windshield? He didn't take these pics but is shooting again
Volks <3
Subarus are not the only vehicles that can rock blue and gold
A few people asked about this Civic so here's a better shot

Gawa shot these great photos and the rest of them can be found here.


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