Event Coverage: Meeting Of Mazdas 2012


On Sunday I skipped Vagkraft, Torque Modified, and CSCS to attend the 2012 Meeting of The Mazdas.

Last year, despite being a zombie from Importfest the day before, I had a good time at M.O.M. and liked the vibe so I made a point of being available for 2012.

While Lyndsey, myself, our dog, and some friends of ours all had a great time it seems that the same cannot be said for everyone else in attendance.

There was a bit of a mix up with the voting (judging) sheets and awards which resulted in some judged cars not receiving awards and others not getting judged at all.

I kind of understand why this upset people but at the end of the day did you show up for a plaque or to hang out with friends?

The food was free, the entry fee was reasonable, the weather was great, it was run by volunteers, and nearly everyone took home a raffle prize so it’s not worth getting worked up about… but what do I know I have never won so much as a participation ribbon with my car, so I can’t speak on how addictive awards may or may not be.

Anyway, onwards and upwards, this year was good, next year will be better.


One class that was judged for, but pretty small, was Mazda Other which consisted of Geoff’s B2200 and a Famila GTX.

All the way from JDM land
First imported one I have seen
Geoff  was actually the first person to ask me if I was attending this year
most of the shots I take of Geoff’s truck are from the front so here’s one from the rear
Such a clean front end
Quick peek inside


Sadly I heard there were a lot more Miatas in attendance but they left once they heard their was no award.

Sucks, I like Miatas.

This car looks as though it has changed some since MOM 2011
Look at the bay, wish I took a photo of the headlight setup which was unique
This Miata had more of a usual light set up
XXRs are everywhere
Big fan of the white letters on the green one


Awhile back I thought about doing something similar to VIP status wheels
I wonder how many people get walked by sixes…


Personally the rotaries were the highlight of the show, really the FD RX-7s, but the rest were nice as well.

Mike’s RX-8 which people have been known to claim as theirs on-line
Nice red FD on what I think are TSW wheels
Don’t see this model of Volk wheel too often
This one was a late arrival
I think I overheard 295s out back?
Almost immediately posted a picture of this car to the fanpage
More people should paint CF hoods, it looks so much cleaner
Sitting right
Dat ass…
Pair of FC’s
and a lone FB


While looking for photos of the event I learned that but next year is the tenth anniversary of the last year of the Protege, given the speed in which Mazdas rust it is incredible that so many are still around.

This female owned Protege with a chalk board (cf) hood from NY is a perfect match for…
…this local completely chalkboard painted boosted Protege
Anson informed me that he will be making a number of changes to this car over the winter, starting with air, which is a great place to begin
Mazdaspeed Protege
Closed up this Protege is a bit of a sleeper as the hood could easily be over along with the intercooler
But if you notice the wheels, K-Sport 14″ brakes you might think something is up…
It’s evidently the worlds only Protege to go 180 mph
Read more about this car at mp5t.com

Second Gen 3s

Am I old already or does swag have one ‘g’?
Matte Aluminium wrapped 3
Another car metal wrap, gloss this time
I’d put my money on this car seeing some auto-x and track time now and again
Just like this Speed3 from NY
Look underhood, the hatch was also had chassis braces installed
Ami’s Speed3 that replaced his old sedan that got wrecked
Another Speed 17×9 with 255/40’s

First Gen 3

Call it bias but I am going to end with the first gens.

Lineup of TM3 members, Mat at Sechemedia recently wrapped Kat’s car… and I got no other pics of it as I was too busy asking him questions about full wraps
Dave I refuse to take pics of the front of your car with that moustache still on 😛
Nice change from the common red time attack stripe
Steve and myself
Ryan’s latest look… 1 of 342432
Should have got a Speed…
Phil corrected his mistake and now has this speed and his old sedan for a beater
Evidently I have never posted a pic of Ryan’s car before
Jon’s recently featured ’08
Apperently the XXR’s he had before faded really bad and are now discontinued, which is crazy because he didn’t have them long
Liked this shot quite a bit

‘Till next year.


  1. More great pictures! You must have been laying on the ground to get a shot of under my car(Blue Rx7)like that. You can even see my hidden water/meth kit.

  2. oh the politics of awards, some things never change. Get over it, show up , have fun , contribute in a positive way to the scene. Who cares , awards are for the weak !!

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