Lost Coverage: Meeting of the Mazdas 2011


M.O.M is an event that prior to attending I had heard nothing but good things about and with Stance East making the trek from New Brunswick to attend both M.O.M and Importfest I figured 2011 was as good a year as any to attend for the first time.

Besides someone had to show Will around.

M.O.M. was an extremely laid back, quiet, outdoor, event, the complete opposite of Importfest the day before and exactly what those of us who had been at IF needed (in addition to sleep).

The crowd was mostly made up of of Toronto Protege Club and Toronto Mazda3 guys but there were a few 6, Rotary, and Miata owners in attendance as well.


As one of the hosts of the event TOP made sure to have a decent showing.

Tasteful Protege sedan
Vadered out
When are light sabres going to become a reality?
Shinzo Media handy work all over this car
Anson, a long time Protege scene vet
Tim showed up just in time to participate in the show and shine
I see a lot of untapped potential in this platform

Mazda 3s

I rolled up with the Mazda 3 guys and on the way I was able to get a rolling shot of my car taken by Rylan Strongman.

Shortly after this shot I doubled back to tell some of the lower cars about the entrance
Said entrance...
This wheel and tire setup is currently for sale quite cheap if anyone is interested
EVO wheels suit this car very nice
Dave's car looking uncharacteristically clean...just kidding Dave.
DGR coils vs Prokits
Will clocked a lot of KM that weekend
Which resulted in shorter mudflaps no doubt
Plaid guts in this Speed3
Shea pimpin his 3rd place IF trophy he's currently looking to go more aggressive next year
Showing along with Shea and Nextmod at IF was Azumi

Rotaries and Roadsters

Spinning doritio center caps, nice touch
RX-7 gone wiiiiiide
Dope lookin' FC
FC rear end
Or FB?
On the way out I was followed by this Miata, driven by a girl scraping all the way out
Gave this car my vote for Miata
Top always down
Epic sticker time
I literally stopped on the way out to take pictures of this RX2 as somehow i missed it all day


Sat on these pictures so long that Peters car has changed quite a bit since these photos were taken.

The lip and wing are now old news but I really liked this look
Boss status

Apologies too the local Mazda community for taking so damn long to get these pictures posted.

My bad.


  1. Lol Dave!
    Nice pics. As for that RX-2, he showed up late, not many people noticed him until they were leaving.
    Any idea what that RX-7 is running in the rear? That is crazy wide.

    I agree, I like the previous state of the NextMod GTR.

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