Not Quite Winter Wednesday


Go figure that the day I finally decide to post these photos of Neil’s bagged MKV in winter mode it starts to snow a little here in the Toronto.

Neil basically got the jump on all of us this year in regards to winter preparation because his car has been setup like this since September.

Though if my winter mode looked this good I wouldn’t feel too bad about being extra early with the switch over either.

Of course the real reason for the early switch was more necessity than vanity because Neil splits his time between here and England so he needed the car to be ready for the slippery white stuff when he returns.

Until then it just on the floor waiting.

Neil also sent a couple pics of upcoming modifications for 2012 and based on what I saw (and his previous car) I think a 2012 shoot is in order.

If it really snows next week feel free to blame me for jumping the Winter Wednesdays gun.


    • Those of us (like me) stuck here all winter and not on air = krown (rust proof), lube coils, winters, cry. Or the growing choice winter beater.

  1. Basics really, Needed some winter tires for those wheels no biggie. My air ride setup however needed a water catch tank and some alcohol in the lines. Sorted.

    Doesn’t get driving really in the winter as I am in the UK, all of this was just a precaution really.


  2. Winter beater FTW. I tuck the Cobra away and pull out the (stock) ’99 Impreza RS for the fun white season!

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