Theme Tuesdays: Nissan 300zx (z32)


Back in high school (grade 11ish) a classmate picked up a 300zx and my first thoughts were how the hell did he afford that, and how long will it be before he wrecks it.

I never did figure out how he got the coin to buy one but I do recall lending a hand replacing the clutch about two weeks after he got the car.

Rumor has it not long after that it was wrapped around a pole or hopped a curb, whatever the case I never saw it again.

That story doesn’t have anything to do with the tea in china or these cars but while I was under the car I became pretty interested in the Super HICAS system as other than an early Prelude it was the only other car I worked on that had any sort of all wheel steering.

I digress.

Get things started with reader Darren's ride
Becoming a huge fan of Panasport G7s
This car came up a couple times... nice build
TE's still on errrthang
Love the fitment on this, the rear especially
I am on the fence about wing or wingless with these cars
Same car as above different wheel finish
Pylon inspired wheel color
The rear bumper/add on looks great on this car... hides the mufflers well
Top down windows up makes this look like it has a bed
Anyone know what wheels these are?
This car was pretty much love at first sight with me
I think this might have made one of the rolling shot Theme Tuesdays
Excellent fitment on those VS-XX
Luv fitment
I'm considering a work in progress Theme Tuesday and I love this pic for that... this car is too damn nice not to include
End things off with some guy named Steve's Millen's Z race beast

Did I miss your 300zx or a bunch of awesome ones? Feel free to let me know at [email protected]


  1. The wheels on the black 300ZX are veilside andrew racing evolution V. Just a suggestion, you should do a theme tuesday for cars rocking veilside bodywork!

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