Guest Coverage: Vagkraft 2012


Due to M.O.M. you already know I missed both CSCS and Vagkraft this year but before making the commitment to M.O.M. I reached out to Scott Holmes to see if he could snap a few photos.

Like always he came through and thus I’ve got some photos of his to share from one of the biggest Euro events in the area.

From what I have read the turnout this year was a little smaller than that of years previous but at the same time the quality was up significantly, so less is more.

Overview of the show which shows the generation designations on the ground
Dyno action
Really love those old school air coolers
Nice Super Beetle
Beauty with a ragtop
These wheels look awfully familiar
Nice looking B6
Just my opinion of course but those wheels don’t really suit the car all that well
I suppose some might say the same about these wheels but I like them a lot
Bumpers are overrated
Shayan’s car after some fender work and a wrap, fire.
Surprisingly I have not see this in everyone’s coverage
Speedster that I’ve seen on the autocross course in other peoples coverage
Always been a fan of these…Theme Tuesday soon perhaps
I have no idea what kit this is however…
Not up on my Scirocco knowledge clearly.. what front is this? More accustom to seeing the dual rounds
This wrap caught Scott’s eye, this material isn’t really the easiest to work with looks like a good job
Damn vintage HREs(?) lookin great on this rado
So this is… different, hood skin stripped
Closer look
Chop Shop’s always got a few cars at Vagkraft
Very nice rear fitment
Ryan’s car is a piece of art
This car looks way better laid out on pavement then it did on grass
Very, aggressive Type A’s
Mama’s Gun
Spring Fling Best of show winning Rallye amongst a sea of other MK2s
Nice Mk4
I swear I saw these colours on a ‘Yikes!’ pencil back in the day…
White on white done right, wheels look spotless
Ian from idub‘s latest look
Phil’s got rid of his last car and picked this up already off to a great start
These wheels look kind of giant on this car but at the same time not bad at all

Thanks again for helping out Scott!


  1. The headlights on the Mk1 Scirocco are European spec “TV” headlights.

    The white Beetle is mine, thanks for the coverage!

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