Featured Ride: Mina’s Golf GTI


The number of tastefully modified cars in the Toronto area is increasing at a rate far greater than ever before and the local Volkswagen community seems intent on being at the forefront of this clean car revolution.

Mina, no stranger to riding low, made a few changes to his JDM and Euro inspired GTI during the off season that have made it one of the most easily recognizable MKV’s in the area.

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The car now has ‘that’ look which enthusiasts strive for, it catches your eye instantly and holds it there while you take in the overall package that flows together effortlessly.

The body of the car in particular is so well thought out that it looks as though it should have come that way straight off of the assembly line.

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Mina has cleaned up the front end of his GTI by filling the hood notch, shaving the front bumper and installing a badgless honeycomb grill, he was also able to source an authentic euro ed30 lip which he molded to the shaved front bumper while installing the matching ed30 side skirts. Finally a euro ed30 rear bumper with a custom diffuser was added to the rear to house the tips of his GHL quad cat-back exhaust.

The carefully placed matte black accents all over the vehicle are beautifully contrasted by the authentic J’s Racing Teal that is used on the ‘smiley’ and carried into the engine compartment where the Evolution Motorsports engine cover, battery cover, fuse box, Eurojet DV, and AEM true cold air intake have all be treated to doses of that unique blend of green and blue.

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Painted accessories are far from all that’s going on under the hood, the performance numbers have been give a bump up thanks to more contributions from the Eurojet catalog (dv relocation, VTA catch can, and heat shield) along with a Revo stage 2 performance tune.

In the footwork department the J’s teal faces join high polished 2.5” and 3.5” aluminum lips, matte black barrels, and gold BBS RS bolts, to create one of the most attractive and unique looking sets of work VS-XX wheels in the entire GTA area.

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The wheels combined a healthy dose of tire stretch and a hard-lined air lift suspension setup are responsible for giving this car its incredible stance.

At ride height this car sits essentially perfectly flush and when the air is let out of the system the front wheels tuck into the fenders and the rear quarter panel squeezes between the lip and tire.

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Mina’s hard work in 2011 has so far paid off because he recently took home top honors in the MKV wild category at Vagkraft 2011, and best VW CSCS round 3 2011.

The car is an absolute must see in person to really appreciate not only the eye popping stance but the awesome color that has been used on the wheels and accents.

Congratulations Mina for helping raise the bar.


  • matte black roof
  • matte black R-line mirrors
  • matte black front shield
  • matte black front middle section on ed30 lip
  • matte black rear diffuser
  • matte black honeycombe grilles
  • J’s Racing Teal front smiley
  • Badgeless Honeycomb grille
  • filled in hood notch
  • OEM open fog grilles
  • nokya yellow fogs +nokya yellow ftps
  • OEM smoked mirror indicators
  • full euro ed30 kit (front ed30 euro lip + rear ed30 euro bumper + side skirts)
  • fully shaved front bumper + moulded ed30 euro lip
  • custom moulded rear diffuser to run quad exhaust
  • euro OEM LED tail lights
  • debadged front and rear “gti”
  • 35% tint all around
  • Evoms Engine Cover painted matte black/ BMP with J’s Racing Teal accents
  • Painted Battery cover + fuse cover BMP with J’s Racing teal accents
  • Brake Calipers Painted black


  • revo stage 2
  • atp 3″ catlessdp
  • ghl 3″ quad catback
  • sprint booster
  • aem true cold air intake
  • 42dd shift bushings
  • Eurojet dv relocation
  • Eurojet dv
  • Eurojet VTA catchcan
  • Eurojet Heat shield
  • BSH dogbone mount
  • Eurospec Front and Rear Ceramic brake rotors (black hubs)
  • Hawk HPS Brake pads


  • Waywell
  • OEM Red stitching gti floormats
  • Eurojet Digital boost gauge
  • Dakota Digital air gauge
  • OSIR double-o gauge pod
  • euro OEM headlight switch
  • euro OEM cupholder


  • 5 gallon slim tank
  • Polished aluminum hardlines
  • Gold fittings
  • Suede floor


  • Air lift XL fronts
  • Airlift Slam Rears
  • Airlift rear shocks
  • Accuair VU-4 Manifold
  • Accuair Switchspeed Management
  • Dakota Digital air gauge
  • Viair 480C Compressor
  • C notch frame


  • 18×8.5 et27 2.5” lip
  • 18×10 et27 3.5” lip
  • sparco 5mm spacers front
  • J’s Racing Teal face
  • Matte Black barrels
  • High polished aluminum lips
  • Gold plated bbs rs bolts
  • Special “W” Work caps

View 1000px version in a new window


  1. was curious if a message could be passed on to Mina to find out who did the hardlines? Definitely wanna hardline the trunk in my coupe…

  2. Kevin from Air Assisted takes full credit for my hardline setup.. A little brainstorming him and I had to do before the lines were bent, and he fulfilled what I had asked for to the T.

  3. @PhillipBarrett It’s an ed30 euro rear top + lower bumper with custom cutout in the valence to host the quad back.

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