WTF Friday: Random Local Oddities


I’ve been sitting on a couple submissions and local random nonsense for awhile now and it’s time that I throw up some weirdness from right here in the GTA. While the Toronto area has a lot of nice cars (many of which I post up here) we are not immune to some of the more …unique… cars you see elsewhere.

If you are ever out cruising and you see something that’s local to you and quite different for whatever reason don’t hesitate to send it in to [email protected], I always read every submission though sometimes it takes me a bit to respond.

Aidan snapped a pic of this crazy 'jeepercycle' which is crazy.
You know, under the right circumstances wood moldings might not be too bad
Decent enough job I suppose
This is a real gem, has it all, Ferrari emblem, Autobot emblem, and the entire Automotive dress up isle at Canadian Tire...

Site Updates

The new sticker design is off to Seche Media and I should have them before Importfest maybe even as soon as this weekend because we will both be at the next round of CSCS.

I have also put in an order for essentially an entire restock of the store.

Flashback Friday

The street finds category is a totally under used section of the site that I should really kick back into gear especially because camera phones are way better than they were when I first posted in this section.

I think I shot this with an old Samsung flip that was 1/4 megapixel or something…

I've never been able to find this car again.

I’ve got a lot of original content just waiting for me to put up so next week should be another picture filled adventure, have a good one.


  1. haha So surprised you dont have the superman/dukes of hazard car from the falls in the local oddities. And i could be wrong but i think that mercedes was driving around St. Catharines for a while, but he painted it a black and orange (i think) two tone.

  2. Ever wonder about that? You see a memorable car only once, then you never see it again. Where did it go? Where did it come from? What’s the story?

  3. not dead i promis just working 14 hour days (same thing realy) the bulder of the jeepcycle shoud be comited

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