Theme Tuesdays: Rolling Shots Part 3


Is this seriously only the third rolling shot edition of Theme Tuesday? I could have sworn I had done more than that, I suppose the rig shot one kind of counts, either way they were both several months ago so here we go again.

I’ve taken zero rolling shots myself this year and had none taken of me. I should really fix both of these issues before the season is out.

...or going this car is sick
Man I have posted a lot of VWs latley
I'm still somewhat on the fence with these but seeing them slammed helps
Right... Type A Theme Tuesday...I forgot
Remember when HIDs were super expensive?
I'd consider framing this if it were a print
There is a local e36 with a very similar color scheme to this, both look great
Damn this Subaru looks sinister as hell
Got this 626 confused with the MX-6 below
The owner of this car actually has another MX-6 which is below
His other MX-6 is more track inspired and my favorite of the two
These cars look so good in the right hands
Nearly every picture I see with an MFEST tag is sick
Rollin' heavy
and because I like to do stuff like this here is a car nothing like the others


  1. what kind of camera equipment is needed for a shot like this. I don’t really know anything about photography but would love to get shots like this

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