Event Coverage CSCS 2011: Round III


After two back to back events with flawless weather the skies turned a troubling gray for Sundays round three CSCS festivities, Of course CSCS attendees are used to mother nature pulling these shenanigans and made the trek out to Toronto Motorsports Park anyway.

Personally I had my doubts in the morning but thankfully as soon as I arrived the worst of the weather seemed to have pass which meant there was a lot for me to check out and shoot all day at TMP.

The show and shine coverage gets part one honors simply because it was the smaller batch of photos to get through last night when I was working on this post.

That’s different…

Spotted a few interesting cars and details at this rounds CSCS that I thought were worth sharing.

Really old Wedsports I think they were... not very pretty but probably very light
I over heard a discussion confusing this Camaro with another in the area which means two cars currently look similar to this in the GTA
This wide body Scion had one of the biggest bumpers I have seen in recent memory


Decent VW showing, but I think most of the BMW guys were at Bimmer Cruise which was the same day.

I saw a picture of this on the Nextmod fan page, lots of tire and poke
Toyo sponsored Mk5
Calvin I owe you a better shot of your car
Idub.ca crew

Asian Imports

Hyundai had quite a few cars out in front of their booth, mostly Gens
Honda rockin' a sticker bombed lip and classic MOMO wheels
What's one more sticker 😉 - Thanks for the support
M3nace rides lineup lead off with this Miata
This color looked great in the slightly overcast lighting
Never seen this 3 before, the CF additions in the engine bay are something I should research
Electronics department in the trunk
Looks like this Prelude picked up a new wheel sponsor, these wheels are a big improvement over the previous
TSX/Accord on CCWs
e46 m3 wheels? I dig
Conveniently parked beside the above Prelude was G35 with a GTR style front bumper and Work Varianza wheels
Close up of the color matched wheels
I waited far too long to get this shot of Focal Point then cut off half the tent...
Closer look at one of the Focal Point Subarus
This Subaru from Montreal has picked up some Importfest and Sic Ryde vinyl
Maruyichi Auto Skyline
Peter from Nextmod brought out his latest ride... those Advans are for sale if you are interested
This was unbelievably clean
Clear cam cover was a nice touch
IS250 dumped VS=XXs
Tuckin' tire like a champ

Check in tomorrow for road course, drag, and drift action. I shot drift from the leg break area this time around so I got some pretty cool shots.


  1. That blue and grey 3 is from Quebec. That car was there when we went up to the Elite Mazda bbq in June. Very nice car.

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