Guest Event Coverage: WCN 2010


I decided to take a quick break from the CSCS coverage for a moment and live vicariously through Tucson AZ native Will (@solefoodOG), who you might remember as the owner a very low bug from the friendly rivalry post in 2009.

Will recently picked up a bagged Ranger and took it and his camera to the 2010 West Cost Nationals, and being the nice guy that he is sent me the link to his flickr so I could run some of his photos.

I gotta say I am pretty jealous of what the weather looks like in AZ, as it’s nothing but gray skies here in Toronto 🙁

Colorado plates are kinda rad
How will rolls these days
These older Rangers are next to non existent round here
Body drops FTW - (Best of show winner!)
It's always a treat to see big Dodge trucks on their nuts
The only thing better than a big Dodge is a big duallie
Looks like a cantilever setup on this s10
Body dropped s10 sporting a mean looking S/C
Dragging bumper on this truck means a lot of work ahead...
This should look pretty legit finished
As should this
The body and paint work on this truck look flawless.
Nice to see that the wild late 90s style still holds up decent
Frontier on the floor
I bet Will could park his truck under this...
I spy a bed dump, I have not see that in a minute
The level of detail in this truck is impressive
Carrying the airbrushing into the interior is a good look
And carrying it all the way to the wheel lips is just bananas
This Benz is G!
Dope color combo on this Monte, wonder what's under the hood...
Beautiful 49 or so Ford

Be sure to check out the rest of Will’s coverage at and follow him on twitter @solefoodog.

Thanks again dude


  1. i dont actualy see the point in mini trucks (sorry) how ever the 2 half finished trucks are sick!!! keep them like that put some ‘rig’ fenders over the rears (may be some bull/roo bars?) and getem out drifting!!! and as a nice classic pease of ass i like that 49er (cool color too)

  2. Mini’s really don’t serve any purpose but they look nice 🙂 and throwing sparks is pretty fun.

    No need to apologize though I’m not the type to flip over peoples opinions 😛

  3. It’s a passion and a lifestyle just like any other car hobby. Feeling sorry for someone who loves what they do is arrogant. Different strokes for different folks. Thanks.

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