Event Coverage: 2010 CSCS Finale – Part 2


As I’ve mentioned the 2010 CSCS Finale was the first time I had been to Cayuga and the weather had fully cooperated which meant that the track saw a lot of fast action all day.

Personally the track action is the main reason I make the drive out to CSCS as it’s an added bonus on top of the show and shine that I can’t take in at your average show.

It’s also a lot of fun to shoot.

Time Attack

Tried my hand at more time attack panning shots as I am not at the level to try it for drifting yet.

Anna tearing it up
This Caterham shoots huge flames, I missed them.
APH Civc hitting the corner
Corner exit acceleration.
Time attack looks like a lot of fun...
It brings out a lot of Civic drivers
EK sedan on the far straight
Everyone is about on the same line
More often than not that red VW was on the track
This shot inspired yesterdays Theme Tuesday
I wish I framed this a bit better, probably the best pan of the day
This shot wasn't too bad either
Alpine Stars Evo
Mazdaspeed Protege flyin
Pistol Pete putting his new chassis to work
Not sure how he did this year compared to last though
Rudy getting Kurt's car up on 3
The Mad Max Mustang revealed
Set record, break record, repeat


Drifting is always exciting to watch but at the 2010 finale I knew a number of the drivers which made the battles even more exciting.

Big props to Chris De La Cruz for making the final four!

Union Autoclub knows how to make an entrance
Liam making his way out of the smoke
This battle had to be run a few times, it was pretty close
Very close at times
Loughhead and St John battling it out
This was the first battle I saw all day actually
Lougghead sending smoke signals
Getting loose during the demo
He really carried a lot of speed and angle through this portion of the course
Mike Martiono up on three
As far as I know this was Jesse's (left) first event and he did pretty well
His entries were pretty solid normally hitting hay bale
Somethings hot under there
He easily made it past this round
Loughhead gave him some tough competition though
Sliding on the back half of the course
Fiddy and Loughhead are always consistent and make the finals
Fiddy loves to get rid of tires
Chris lined up
Chris had a great day in his e30, qualified 14th then made it all the way to the final 4
All those people randomly standing there are so brave haha

The final batch of show and shine pictures will be up tomorrow, see you then.


  1. Awesome pictures!

    You didn’t happen to get any pictures of my red honda civic SiR in the time attack? I’d love to get any if you have them. Thanks

  2. between jesse’s sx200 (S whatever) the stang and evil caterham you could have remade road worrier at that event

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