Event Coverage: 2010 CSCS Finale- Part 1


Yesterday I mentioned that the 2010 CSCS finale had an absolutely stellar turnout, the best of any CSCS I had attended personally.

There were cars everywhere, on the track, in the pits, and all over the visitor parking, it seemed like everyone and there mom was out at Cayuga.

Today I have 30 plus photos of what I saw off the track and away from the show and shine, few unique/rarity’s here.


I guess Pulsars are starting to pop up more and more around Ontario, I wonder what they go for.

I wouldn't mind taking one of these out on the track, looks like a lot of fun
This one was super clean
I guess being affiliated with an autobody shop it ought to be


Those who go sideways, we salute you.

Marin ended up with some brake trouble and couldn't compete but he was in the demo later
Union Auto Club was rollin deep
Ryan's Nissan powered e30, don't see him on maxbimmer much anymore 😛
This sticker pretty much describes his feelings about the max crowd
Thanks for the love man!
Chris (white e30) was having a great day, but his tires paid the price

Mazda, Subaru, Toyota

Clean examples of all three of these brands…

Chris from notsostock.com is actually selling his STI
I really liked this stage four FD
That lip/diffuser combo is certainly pretty wild
Tried to get a little creative...
Alex, the owner of this SC on Advan's tracked me down for some stickers
Looking good man


Merkur's are kind of Euros right? I have an unhealthy fascination with these
Uber nice 190e
Rudy came to do work in the Gladner prepped e36 track monster but then it broke...
so he threw his wheels on Kurt
This Rabbit is proper
A big hell ya to the owner.


Well now that is a giant Domo
Eric (deep dish Ford Probe) was out in his beater
Anna's always track ready CRX
Teknotic EG sedan
When I took a picture of this at Honda Tech I forgot to shoot the motor
Can you tellwhat's going on here?
How about now? Compound boost!!!

Track beasts

This Caterham was a treat to see out on the track
Like the MGB from yesterday it was rotary powered
Check the panard bar on this half hidden Mustang...
This car flat out flys on the track, the driver broke his own record he set last time out
285s all around!

This is only the tip of the iceberg regarding coverage so check back tomorrow for the drift and track action.


  1. im my time i have seen 1000s of sevens buy every company you can think ov and more but that is definatly the moast mad max ive ever seen and unless its a cosworth sierras suck ass

  2. thanks for the pic of the civ! glad you found it out in the grass! i saw you twice, but only from a distance, we were going to come chat! great coverage

  3. Thanks everyone, Arnold I know they were Fords elsewhere that’s what makes it a sort of Import lol.

    Ollie don’t think I have ever seen a Cosworth.

    Anna take me in lake Oct!

    erock I will email you some time soon

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