Theme Tuesdays: Tripoding


Originally this Theme Tuesday was just going to be low cars having trouble getting over steep grades which lead to a wheel being hung in the air.

However after looking at (and taking) photos of cars getting up on three wheels while cornering I decided to combine both ways of three wheeling into this Theme Tuesday.

Low car steep drop 3 three wheels

The cage inside suggests this car would 3 on the track too
Off roading a rabbit?
Subaru wagon pops a 3
VWs are good at this
This one is intense!
You could almost work on it like this...

High speed sticky tire induced three wheels

Hmmm, ideas for me
Why do our focuses suck 🙁
Toyota Paseo?
More of a 2 wheel but I couldn't leave this out
Nor could I leave this one out
There is another black and white 2002 corner exit pic I love that I could not find
Cortina's are interesting
Get loose
Nice to see an e46 m3 getting used
Another probably up on 2
Henry Ford would be stoked
Drifting three wheels are intense
See what I mean

No I didn’t forget that low riders can hit threes as well, I just figured I would save those for a day all on their own 😉


  1. awsome reminds me when i was a kid and i ued to come home from school and wach jean ragnotti rally videos with my dad

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