Rotary Powered MGB


The CSCS finale was yesterday and it hands down the best CSCS I’ve been to so far, the lack of rain in the forecast combined with it being the last event of the year drew lots of people out to Cayuga.

While I didn’t have a chance to really get into editing the near card full of photos I took when I got home I did make a point to edit these photos, because not only was this car unique but it was also quite swift on the track.

I’m not a purist by any means, in fact I think as long as it doesn’t disrupt the natural balance of the car too people should put whatever motor they want under they hood of their car and be damned what the manufacturer thinks.

This MGB is an example of just that. The stock motor took a hike and a rotary plant (13b?) found it’s way in.

Fairly clean sorted MGB at first glance, not much seems out of place
But once you get close you notice a motor that actually fit
Pretty no frills bay all business
The motor was built in Hiroshima, found that interesting
The interior matches the engine bay, nothing unnecessary
It's all about the badges


  1. this is cool and all but i HATE MG B’S there one of the mager fk ups of the british motor inbustry theres a hell of a lot of better cars to put such a brilliant mill in :/

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