Another e30 changes hands


Remember that dished out m-tech e30 that Sam and myself took pictures of at the 2009  autumn e30 meet? You know it was silver, dumped, m30 powered and also got posted on hella flush?

Of course you remember it how could you forget? Well it’s been sold.

It’s been up for sale for awhile now and just this past weekend a deal was finalized and the car changed hands. Thankfully the previous owner contacted his friend Amer Nabulsi to snap a few photos of this car before it road off into the sunset.

Brought out in the middle of winter for one last shoot
Side profile, this shot is well framed
Can't get over the amount of dish on this car
Front end of mtech II goodness
Hopefully the new owner treats this car right

Who knows where this car will end up in the future or how it will look in the days to come. Hopefully the new owner just builds upon the already established look, but whatever happens we can always remember it as it was via pictures.

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  1. The guy who I think bought it is on Max. He had that resprayed blue E30 for sale. Not sure if he did end up getting this though.

  2. Car is owned by me,

    and was when these photos were taken, Car is currently under the knife with a TCD kit , Brake kit and more !

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