Is this the first titled R33 in Canada?


For those of you living outside of Canada let me give you a quick break down on our car importation laws… they suck, and when I say they suck I mean they are strange.

To tell you the truth I am not 100% on them, all I know is that going by our odd rules this R33 might be the first on our streets.

You see a lot of desirable cars that are less than 15 years of age are generally impossible to import into our fair country, and to make matters worse we have an inadmissible list that bars cars of any age for reasons only people in suits understand.

For example we can’t import a 2000 Lexus SC400/300, 1995 and 1996 Dodge vipers, and 1995 Dodge Spirit/Acclaims, and I’m not even sure anyone would want to import a Dodge Spirit but I guess someone out there needs a replacement for their reliant K.

What this means in relationship to today’s post is that prior to 2010 R33s could not be imported into Canada to be titled and insured.

With a strong knowledge of importation laws this local Toronto Mazda 3 member waited until the 2010 New Year rang in before he imported this 1995 Skyline GTR V-spec which he says is the first one titled and insured for Canadian streets. His car is the 88th R33 GTR built in this year and is 1 of 1,423 Vspecs built.

I bet no one on this street knows what this car is...

Now an r33 would be impressive at factory specs but this one has quite a list of mods; 1998 Skyline GTR factory HID headlights,Greddy 4row FMIC with polished piping kit, Greddy Profec B boost controller, with factory boost re-stricter removed (boost is now 13psi), HKS Turbo Timer, Nismo 320KPH, 11,000RPM cluster… the list goes on and on lets just say that this car is suited and booted and in near mint condition.

Dat ass
This is a manly purple
I remember the first time I saw my car being excitied... seeing this I would faint
Imagine the wrong motor was under here? That would be a downer
Clean center console
If you look carefully you can see his daily speed 3 out front

While this car looks amazing the owner has no plans to show it, or let it sit around collecting dust as soon as the weather clears up it’s running its paces on the track regularly, and that’s always good to hear.


  1. Midnight Purple Pearl, my absolute favortie…. 😀 I am painting my RPS13 MPP just for this car! (Well, Nissan/Skylines/GT-R’s as a whole, you know…. Bla bla bla.)

    But dude, no complaing about your laws…. They sure as hell beat the ones in the States. I’m afraid I’ll get immeasurable grief when I go to try and get a CTR for myself. (Or maybe an RX-7? Dunno.) All I know is the laws suck, are harsh, and then there was the whole thing about the Skylines getting taken and crushed by the government. (Don’t remember why, but I cried. Something the people were doing wrong I think, but the cars suffered for it of course.)

  2. @LynZee nope.

    @Meg, I like the purple a lot I am not going to lie. And ya actually I heard about those skylines getting crushed because they were imported wrong or something? All coming back to me now….

    @fulllock Maybe the owner meant GTA area… he seemed pretty damn certain though

  3. Seen this car for sale and the price tag was decent. The R33’s we’re never my favorite of the GT-R bunch because of the lack of exageration on the widebody. However, this car is gorgeous, and I have always been a fan of purple, and if I had to paint my car, it would be THIS colour!

    Oh, and our import laws are junk at best. Although they’ve become much more leinient towards US imports (we can bring in Mitsu EVO’s and R32 Golf’s to name a few) I’ve been reading around some of the car forums that some provinces have already begun banning RHD vehicles but mainly the provinces that have public insurance. Maybe for once it’ll pay off for some being insured in Ontario.

  4. That thing is tits, you’ll see a bunch of R33’s non GT-R’s kicking around in brampton. In 4 months you’ll be able to get a non turbo version for less then 7k and they’ll be molested to shit.

  5. It’s not just connections, apperently it’s pretty simple. Theres a guy selling a “real” R34 GT-R in the GTA, and it can be put on the roads, because it was imported in pieces and apperently is made up of 2 halves of different GT-R’s. It works… but I wouldn’t drive that welded thing (esp. for the asking price of 60g’s!).

  6. When I said R32 I mean Golf R32 (My bad) and that R34 was a hack job and a half. Literally two R34’s welded together. Couple people I know checked it out, welded cars are like the freakin’ plague, you don’t want to go near it, most likely you’ll die.

  7. If it really is pieces of cars welded together for 60g’s (originally asking for much more) I think hack is a fantastic word for that car.

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