Theme Tuesdays: Nissan Pulsar (EXA N13)


Story time; when I was a young lad of an impressionable age a woman on my street drove a ’89 Nissan Pulsar. If memory serves it was white, and the envy of all the other moms on the street.

Roughly a 7 or 8 at the time I was just getting into cars and I distinctly remember really liking the rear taillights f the N13. The rounded diagonal cut outs were memorable simply because they were different.

She had the car up until about the time they all vanished from the streets. Seriously, I can’t think of the last time I saw one, and I’ve never seen one at a show.

Obviously I took that as a challenge and tried to find as many modified N13 Pulsars (EXAs to the rest of the world) that I could.

@arbuzzz43rus lives in Russia and has a really awesome looking N13.
Perhaps that is where they all ended up
I’m going to be honest wth you I had no idea these interchangable sport backs existed until about a year ago @swapcustoms owns this one
It seems the sportback might have utlived the cars because most of the ones I found on line had one
@exa.takahashi‘s car is super period correct and pretty clean
Little bit of OG style on those Gold wheels, those wheels couldn’t be original X1 turbo wheels… could they?
Pulsar on Work Lead Sleds, doubling down on rarity.
I really, really, wish I could remember the instagram handle of the owner of this car. It’s in Japan somewhere and if I recall full of audio
@habacchi2782’s Instagram is full of wild cars, and the occasional Pulsar has been holding it down recently with Pulsar posts
He managed to find this one on wires

If you know of more cool Pulsars I 100% want to see them, I feel like man fell into a black hole never to be seen again. Or you know, rust got them.

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