Theme Tuesdays: Nextmod At Importfest 2015


Going through the 2015 Importfest coverage (coming soon) it became clear that I wouldn’t be able to really capture the number and quality of cars Nextmod brought to the show within a standard event coverage post.

So I decided to break out most of the Nextmod cars into this week’s Theme Tuesday.

This post represents a fraction of the cars NM brought out but should give you a really good idea why they have won best team several years in a row. Congrats to Peter and staff for taking a successful GTA brand and making it truly known world-wide.

You know you’ve got a serious showing of cars when an NSX on Advan wheels is one of your tamer cars
The infamous Chris DelaCruz and his RB V2 FR-S
Flared, metallic teal Gen on Enkei wheels
Chris’ turbo IS300 is always changing and this latest round of revisions put him at the top of the overall IS heap
So Glad Kevin decided to make the switch over to air ride this year. Car looks fantastic
Nextmod isn’t just Japanese builds, as shown here with this widebody BMW
I think all of Toronto is glad this car ended up back in the hands of its rightful owners after being stolen in the trailer a few weeks back
Voltex wings a plenty for Nextmod
Finally got to see this car in person, very impressive. I also learned that Ferrari will do everything in their power to prevent you from doing this to one of their cars…
These cars were polar opposites of each other
Liberty Walk and bags for one, Rocket Bunny and static for the other
Brixton R25 vs Brixton CM7
Overall I was slightly more partial to this one
But there’s something to be said for a 455 rear 385 front tire set up
Good thing they brought both
Going to close things out with the first, and probably last, Rocket Bunny Boss Kitted s14 I’ll see
I’ve been eager to see this kit in person, but I really didn’t think it would happen so soon
I really like the front, and I really like the rear….
…but I’m still getting used to the two together. What do you think?

Complete coverage of Importfest 2015 should be live tomorrow!

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