Winter Wednesday: Lost e30 m3


Wow with the holiday on Monday I forgot today was Wednesday when I woke up this morning.

It wasn’t until I was driving to work in the snow that it clicked and I realized I needed to do a Winter Wednesday post for this week.

Luckily I had this gem stashed away in my gmail account and it just so happens that it will go well with what I am posting later today.

Fate perhaps.

With e30 m3s being pretty rare in the GTA I can thankfully say I have never seen one out in our salty winters, of course that’s not to say that no one brings theirs out in the snow somewhere else, as the picture below illustrates.

Looks like she didn't get very far which is could because I would hate for some dolt in a Caravan to smash into this car

Quite honestly I don’t see any reason not to drive this car, with proper winter tires, in the snow as it would be a lot of fun.

I don’t think snow (which is just cold water after all) leads to the early demise of vehicles, rather I think it’s the salt and idiots who can’t drive in the winter that kill a lot of the best enthusiast cars.

Fingers crossed this car was just brought out for this shoot and then tucked back away for fairer conditions and fingers crossed I can find more pictures of it in my travels.


  1. That’s RyanG’s M3 if I’m not mistaken. He has a shop at his house and he pulls it out regularly to do work on other cars. Not winter driven.. thank god.

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