Readers Rides: Facebook fans Part 4


The Facebook fan page just surpassed another milestone, 2000 fans, and to celebrate I’ve decided to do one more readers rides for 2010.

As the fan page grows so does the variety of cars posted in the fan photos gallery. Seeing variety is great because it means that I can continue to post all sorts of cars here without worry of losing the collective interests to to speak.

Here’s the latest from the fan page.

Richard’s E36

Richard is a fan out in Ireland who drives this clean 318tds, which just might be the first diesel BMW to appear on this site.

Looking clean

Rob’s BMWs

Rob is lucky enough to have two 3 series Bimmers, his summer ride an e30, while his winter an e36. Both dropped of course.

Robs summer BMW, on the right
Rob’s winter ride

Tyler’s Hatch

Tyler’s high school car was the green EG below while his current ride is a boosted mini.

Not a bad little EG
He uses the rack to carry his BMX around, as he is also a rider.

Rick’s Ranger

Rick’s got a nice looking Ranger which I am going to show my friend in an effort to get him to drop his.

Rick’s Ranger, the right set of wheels could really set this off

Kevin’s S-10

There are a number of S-10 drivers who are fans which is fine by me as I like S-10s myself.

Kevin’s is flat black with a 5/3 drop.

No shine for Kevin

Daves S-10

Dave has been a fan for awhile now, perhaps one of the first, and I’ve yet to include his truck in a readers rides simply due to oversight. Fourth time around I finally remembered.

Sorry for the overlooks in the past

Cameron’s s-10

The final s-10 in this batch is Cam’s 96 is sitting on a 4/4 drop.

He’s saving up to bag it come spring.

For some reason I don’t think Cam’s s-10 would pull that

Jean Puegot

Jean drives this Puegot 206 which he has set up to go around the track as quickly as possible.

Jean out on the track

Eric’s Rx-8

This RX-8 was uploaded by Eric and is beautiful…

Stock I don’t really like the Rx-8 fenders but dropped I dig
Lookin’ like a serial killer

Dave’s Escort

Not too many people are modifying with North American Ford Escorts these days but Dave isn’t afraid of a little challenge.

He’s currently got the car sitting on Ground Control coil overs and has strut bars installed front and rear. Under the hood it’s got a full exhaust system, and intake but a built 1.8 should be finding its way between the fenders fairly soon.

The best of the N/A Escort body styles in my opinion
Dave just got a bunch of new tools for Christmas so summer should be serious

Dara’s EJ8

Darah uploaded one picture of his EJ8 and sometimes that’s all that is needed, this car looks great.

Kept simple.

Cary’s Hot Rod

Remember what I was saying about diversity? Here’s some in the form of Cary’s work in progress.

So far so good.

Awesome work in progress

Erik’s Civic and Probe

Erik’s out having fun in his winter beater while his Probe gets a rebuild for 2011

Takes balls to push a slammed car through water on a beach
Thank’s for reppin Erik!

Dynamic Duo

Emmet upload this shot of a low Mk4 golf and low b16 ek civic.

Damn, I like both but I think I’d choose VW

Steven’s Collection

Steven has had quite the collection of vehicles over the years.

Even though he has hopped around from different types of vehicles one thing remains constant, they are all low.

Classic mini truck style here
Lots of man hours in this paint job
Dumped Buick land yacht
This Rover looks freaking amazing dumped
It’s for sale if anyone is interested
Steven’s current project

Will’s Mazda 3

We didn’t really get any snow this week so that’s why there is no dedicated Winter Wednesday but here is a picture of Will’s 3 sedan in a snow fall from earlier this winter.

Rally armor flaps should come in handy this winter

Once again big thanks to everyone who has joined the group and reads the site. It’s a lot of fun coming up with content for you guys and girls.


  1. Hey Dave, Thanks for the spot on the site. never have i seen my ride look so good. i guess when the owner knows all the small silly things that are wrong with it. and seeing it on a site as immense as this one the small problems seem to dissapear.

    so thanks again. im gonna be giving you more pix and updates as the new motor goes in. so 2011 is gonna be intense trust me.

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