Theme Tuesdays: Volvo Bricks


Not too long ago I was challenged to do a Volvo 240 Theme Tuesday by the human car encyclopedia Joe. Initially I thought this would be hard to pull together as after a few weeks I only had a handful of 240s and 244’s saved. That was until I decided to go over to once I was there the list came together very well and very fast.

I always kind of knew older Volvos had a following but I didn’t know people were as faithful to these as they are e30s.

Most of these cars seem built with function in mind as from what I can tell with some persuasion these cars can make some pretty good power, and being RWD good power means great fun.

Look at the size of the wheels that can fit in the rear of these cars
This might be an earlier verison of the car above
I'm sensing a purpose built trend with these cars
This car is raw
Sideways with a sidepipe!
Stationary photo of the one above
Not the cleanest on the list but one of the lowest
The same car on widened steelies
So sick to see these slide
Seen this car on the S.W. forums a few times
Is this a working station, or someones backyard?
Looks like damn fun
Sideways with a mono wiper
Street Sweeper
Sittin on what I think are Kodiak wheels
On LM's
Tuckin huge front and rear
Clean rolling shot or a clean car which I think is a little newer than the rest
Damn this is unique, and from the looks of it out in Japan
Rollin wagon
I had to double take on this one, almost mistook it for an e30
All function, but still has form
Not at all like the others but I had to throw it in

I’m open to more requests so feel free to suggest some!


  1. God how I detest these bricks of pure shit for transporting nothing but inbred hillbillies… Did I mention I live in Sweeden? :p

    Maybe should get myself one :p

  2. i like the color of that street sweeper volovs are one of those cars that actualy looks odd with out a plate at the front good cheep and very cheerfull

  3. Fuzaneko, you should count yourself lucky that they are not transporting New Englanders in your area.

  4. hi,i’m from norway. check out VOLVOFORUM.NO and look at “volvo i verden 100-200”. some hot rides there,even check out the ones that says “rudskogen”. or on the top “treffbilder”,”galleri”

  5. hi, im from Australia!
    love my V8’s (check out some aussie muscle cars! the best is the Holden HQ!!!) but i love my volvos just about as much. and i get crap for it but thats cool. shame we dont really have any hot volvos here but i have one on the build.
    anyway cool site. VOLVO’S ARE AWESOME!!!
    cheers from down under

  6. So this link was posted on my facebook page. I have a Volvo 240 sedan and it’ll one day hopefully look just like one of these 😀 so sweet! Nice pics dude.

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