SEMA Showstopper: Slammed Box


Today’s showstopper is recently appeared on Slammed Society, and one of Lyndsey’s favorites from SEMA.

Sitting practically in a corner away from a lot of the hustle  & bustle this Scion Xb might have been easy to miss if it wasn’t for the super white, almost glowing, paint and the very wide 17×10.5 and 17x 11.5 BBS RS wheels with teal centers.

When the shine off one of these lips blinded at a distance my blurred vision fooled me into thinking I was looking at Heyyy Mikey’s Xb but as I got closer I realized that this was an entirely different build.

Even though I am not a Scion aficionado and I couldn’t see a spec sheet this car was worthy of several photos on stance alone, so I snapped some pics and decided to figure out the rest of the information later.

Both the fenders and lips were very very clean for the height and clearence
No tuck, just fender lip on rim
The only thing I would change is where the rear flare terminates
Lips for days

If you want the complete mod’s list and more pictures Neek’s got you covered over on Slammed Society.


  1. dont really like the rear fender but these have really grown on me and this is exactly what i would want a white xb and teal wheels. soooooo nasty

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