A walk around the Giovanna Booth


Alright, bare with me guys and girls, I know a lot of these cars don’t really have the best stance and are just expensive cars with stock suspension and fancy wheels, however I felt if I didn’t share this booth with you I would be skipping out an interesting part of the SEMA experience.

And since I am doing my best to share as much of SEMA with you as I can I present the Giovanna Wheels 2010 SEMA booth.

The Carpet

The first thing I noticed when I stepped into the booth was the plush carpeting. Most of the booths at SEMA had carpet but a lot of it was pretty firm and most certainly not white.

Giovanna though, they decided to go all out and get white carpet AND hire someone to clean it as the day went on. Ballin?

Poor guy, I can't imagine how often he had to do this

The Trucks

The next thing to catch my eye, being a mini truck fan, were these two heavily modified full size trucks which both happened to be blue.

Topless, indecent exposure.
Bed full of goodies
No shortage of TV's in this truck, more than I have ever owned
Those look like the seats in rusty...

Go DJ…

To the right of the mini trucks was a DJ who was spinning at the booth the entire time I was there. He played a good mix of mainstream rap which actually fit the theme of the booth quite well.

Deep concentration

The Luxury rides

Then there was Giovanna’s cream of the crop. A collection of very expensive cars I could never afford sitting on rims that probably weigh in near a metric ton.

Some cars you drive, some cars you get driven in
Dat ass #179?
SLS Amg rockin' Giovanna wheels
Whoops how did a Camaro find its way into this booth? Who's checking the door?
A 458 Italia
Which looks pretty good on those wheels
This Panemara was fairly tasteful as well
Do it look good? Do it ride good?
Lambo Supraleggra
They had lots of model signings and what not

The Pimp

As we were making our way through the booth looking at all of the stuff we could never afford a pimp walked in.

He wasn’t affiliated with the booth in anyway that I could tell it just seems he was walking around the entire show dressed as such.

Dude was lovin it
Mink, gator shoes, cane, money rag

Whether or not he was an active pimp I’ll never know…


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