Event Coverage: SEMA Car Crazy Showcase


Outside of the Las Vegas convention center SEMA was held at Meguiar’s put on a little something they called the Car Crazy Show case. It was a collection of mostly muscle, classic, and hot rodded vehicles and was really quite interesting.

I spent a lot of time in this area and this batch of coverage contains most of the shots from there. Thinking back I know there are a few I missed so those will show up in the rest of my outdoor coverage.

Bigfoot 3 window

This three window coupe was really interesting. I’ve seen these cars done a variety of ways but never anything quite like this.

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, whatever you call it where you are from, and whatever you want to call it this car if nothing else was very unique.

Yes that's a hand grabbing the headlight with a finger as the signal
Gotta keep him chained up
As he is waiting to get out
The follow through on this idea is nothing short of amazing.
Big foot.
Bigfoot Fiedl Researchers Organization. How bout that.

And outside of the forest…

Now that we have found Bigfoot lets take a look at some of the other rides

This charger was one of the newest cars in the showcase
This Chevelle had some of the largest wheels I have seen on a Chevelle
O_o - That's nice
So nice I had to shoot it twice
Optima's Code Red Camaro
Very clean
I swear I built a Revelle-Monogram kit of this exact car
Bad pic, sick car
Guys worked these blocks of wood all day to insure no car got damaged rolling up
Jon Sibal's Charger
Spectre Mustang looking proper
The Streetnik Bandit built from all sorts of random parts
Can anyone spot the Fiat parts?
The best Maverick I have ever seen
So, so, much win, though I dunno what it is?
This is great body work
And this is a beautiful, kinda bird looking, engine bay


I wasn’t going to post this today but then I realized (should look at calendars more) that this episode airs tonight 9pm so no time like the present right?

The myth is whether or not the Porsche 928 is more aerodynamic backwards than it is forwards and apparently the best way to test this is spin the inner workings of one around underneath the body and stitch it all back together.

So they did.

I originally approved from this angle and thought 'rear steer?'
But then I saw the tailpipe in front and was confused
So I looked inside and saw this which was perplexing
and then this and it made more sense
Can't wait to see what happens

I have hockey at 10:30 today so I am not sure if I will be able to watch all of this episode but my money is on that it’s not better but might be close.

Feel free to rub it in my face if I am wrong tomorrow!


  1. The white rod near the end I believe to be a ’37 Ford. Although it might be a ’37 Mercury as well, both had essentially the same body.

    I can’t get enough of that code red camaro, and I’m with you on the black ’32 being a Revell model, as I have it sitting in a box right next to me as I type this.

  2. Thanks Joe. Ya the code red Camaro was very impressive.

    I built my 32 Highboy though I still have the fenders kicking around, how are you planning on building yours?

  3. Hmm, well I have a Revell Thunderbolt model as well (a ’64 Galaxy with the 427 SOHC “Cammer” motor) and I had planned on stuffing that motor into it. I’ve also been looking through various model shops to find sets of replica mag drag wheels/slicks. Maybe chop the top a bit (working on the time and patience for that one). And then paint it grey or tan or brown and do some goldleaf graphics on the doors with some gold foil. I just need the time.

  4. Yeah the optoma car is a Firebird. The Bigfoot car sure looks like Revell’s ’32 Ford kit also, minus the Bigfoot crap. The other black rod is a ’33 Ford. The white one is indeed a ’37 Ford.

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