SEMA Showstopper: Holley’s Shop Truck


The last few SEMA Showstoppers I’ve posted have been fairly involved, very custom builds that don’t really represent what most people do in their own garage, so today I decided to post something a little more reasonable built buy the guys and gals over at Holley Performance.

This C-10 is the type of resto-mod you could see someone do to the truck they rode in as a child with their mother or father, and that’s probably why I like it so much.

Holley kept things relatively simple on the exterior by painting it (what I think) is a factory color and letting the custom Indy roadster inspired wheels and lowered stance (Classic Performance Parts Suspension) do all of the talking.

I think a lot of people overlooked this truck due to how simple it is

Under the hood (and to the frame) is where most of the improvements have been made as the factory power plant has been replaced with a hot cammed LS3 and Tremec T56 Transmission.

Holley engine mounts and cross member make it all fit while the Holley HP EFI harness makes it all run.

This truck just keeps things simple and looks great doing it, enjoy the rest of the pictures:

LS3 has tons of room in there
If your wondering there are 13" Baer brakes behind those wheels to keep things under control
Love the look of the C-10 front end
The bed was beautiful and you couldn't tell the tubs were widened
The vintage styled logos finish the look

More info on the build can be found here on Holleys website.


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