Event Coverage: SEMA Part 5


So I was doing some thinking when working on this post: If each post had a minimum 30 pictures, and this is part 5 then that means that at the end of this post (not including the showstoppers) I will have posted at least 150 pictures from the 2010 SEMA show, damn.

I’m not even all that close to being finished, I am however done with the inside of the show after this post (more or less :P)


If I lived near the desert I could see having a 4×4 to blast around the dunes.

I'm kidding of course this thing is useless
Check out the dude in the back, the wheel gap is about half his body size
I love watching these race

Boom Crafts Celsior

These guys were all the way from Japan and while their was a little bit of a language barrier we still managed to talk shop for a bit. Crazy build…

The vinyl work took 2 guys two days to complete
While he couldn't quite say how much went into the car itself
It certainly made an impression
I didn't hear it playing though I really wanted too

Rods, Customs, and Classics

Some of the more contemporary wheels I have seen on a roadster, thoughts?
So many nice rods at SEMA
I saw this Torino and had to shoot it, it was out of my control.

Continental Tire

I didn’t realize until last night, while editing, that the Continental Tire booth actually had quite a few nice rides in their booth. I also got a lanyard from them, thanks guys!

If it was me behind the wheel 0-dead in 2 seconds?
Dig the vinyl, luke warm on the wheels
This wide body Benz was impressive
As was this Bentley

1957 Ford Thunderbird

This has to be the most modified Ford Thunderbird I have ever seen. I looked all over the place for a spec sheet but I was unable to find one.

Big old supercharged Ford Power Plant
The flames were very traditionally done but clash with the blue a tad
Lots of dish out back
The chute and wheelie bar make me wonder how often it sees the strip

On The Carpet

This category will make sense once you scroll down, but really it’s a catch all.

This car had a hell of a lot of CF
Another dumped Camaro
What you don't see is the sun burn the guy in the back got after looking at this car
BMW in full track trim
This looks like a Jada 'Dub' Toy
Big wheels for big arches
The first GTM kit I have seen in person, it was beside the Thunderbird above
Car was serious
This Infiniti had a nice stance
Another Panamera
Interesting looking Supra at the XXR booth
I don't know if I have seen XXR's this wide before

Feature Cars

I heard owner of one of the cars in this area complaining about how he had been promised a better spot not one in the back of a hall.

He was really mad and I didn’t really get it, your car was in SEMA man relax that’ an accomplishment in itself.

This Trail Blazer was known as the Hurricane
It was on huge wheels with an interesting wide body
The specs of those rear tires is 405/25/R24
I'm not even sure if it was lowered, truthfully
Interesting homage to the Intimidator
May he rest in peace
Clean wrx repping wheeldude.com and AWFilms
Love my bagged trucks
VF Engineering fighter Jet
Some booth had an older lady making the best smelling cookies ever, I took this shot to torture myself later clearly

I’ll have more coverage tomorrow, shots of the Meguair’s Car Crazy setup that was outdoors, a showstopper, and perhaps the only booth at the show with it’s own pimp!


  1. youve just made me dipressed talking about the dessert me and the mrs were due to drive over to the sahara (about 4 hours and 45miunets on a boat) and now we cant go because of unrest im maroco nice trucks tho i also like that bimmer very “complete” needs new tyers tho becuse the ones on are too skinny 😛

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