The Scraped Crusaders do Jitterbug 2010


Gilbert, Matt and the rest of The Scraped Crusaders made their way to the 24th annual June Jitterbug in Niagara Falls last weekend and judging from the pictures had one heck of a good time.

Here are the photos Matt took at the show with captions written by Gilbert (the lead blogger over at The Scraped Crusaders) who’s not a VW aficionado but a stance lover none the less.

Rolling Shots

The best part about heading out to a show as a group is the opportunity for rolling shots.

Bronson Bailey's VR6 mk2 Jetta coupe it's much lower now as he picked up coils at the show
Another shot of Bronson Bailey's VR6 mk2 Jetta coupe
Mat Kavanagh's mk4 Jetta with a new wooden roof rack and 18' aristos
Stephen (with the e30, and Corrado for sale) in borrowed TDI jetta
Patrick Cristobal mk3 Golf, Louis Vuitton and Houndstooth patterns, airhorn and roof rack 24/7
Adrian Mugnieco - VR6 Jetta GLX with new coilovers, Bronson and yours truly up ahead
Leskie mk3 golf currently waiting paint (photo credit to Patrick Cristobal who took this while driving)

Show pics

Pics from the event once the crew arrived

Mk4 Golf
mk3 Jetta
mk5 Jetta
Bagged Golf with work done by Bent Metal
The Bagged Golf again
Low shot of the bagged golf
A Very nice Audi TT
Another shot of the nice TT
Clean cabrio bug
Baby blue bug
Old Merc, think you've seen it a few times
mk1 Golf Cabrio....widened Corrado steelies
Late 80's early 90's big Audi sedan, HUGE turbo, I THINK its and old s6
mk5 Jetta with Corvette Sawblades
Mk2 Jetta trunk setup
91 mk2 Golf with great fitment
mk4 Jetta with a New York plate
Mizz Trizz' mk3 golf, BBS wheels, with porsche centre caps daily driven, and yes that's a woman's car
The 19x13 (rear) and 19x9 porsche wheels on the rack are for sale, the test fit had like 3-4 inches of poke
Manolo's Mk2 Jetta
Susannah's mk4 golf bagged and previously on pink RS' which are now on a bagged z4
Manalo's mk2 Jetta and Susannah's mk4 golf
Susannah's Golf again
Pedo on the lookout
mk3 Golf, with a huge Alpine type R
Clean corrado, there was a baby in the back hatch and I beleive the diapers were being changed
mk2 Golf with polished porsche D90 rims
mk1 RFabbit gti,the dude in the pic is Matt Barrenz' brother Geoff, who has a soon to be turboed Audi a4
mk4 Jetta gli
mk1 scirocco, very clean
Very clean interior on the Scricco as well
Last shot of the clean mk1 scirocco
VR6 Turbo mk1 golf which is a work in progress

Big thanks to Matt and Gilbert for the images and captions be sure to check both of them out at: and


  1. loving Bailey’s jetta and the red mk1 and that green scirocco is posably the nicest ive ever seen! i have envy for all 3rides =HUGE PROPS FOR ALL

  2. Anyone have more info on Matt Kavanagh’s car? I’m interested to know what his wheel/suspension setup is! Is he running spacers on the Aristos?

  3. @KSold

    Whats goin on, thanks for the kind words about the car, im loving my current setup too!

    Im on JOM coilovers, they’re basically rebadged V-Maxx, the fronts have 4 threads left, (i know, i should have put it down all the way) and the rears are all the way down. Neither front nor back have been modified in any way (removing helpers / collars / perches) but chances are they will be in the future.

    My spacer setup is kinda funny, the rears are spaced out 15mm and the fronts, a whopping 3mm, looking to get 7.5 or 10 in the front soon, and maybe 17.5 in the rear as im just a few mm from being flush in the back.

    Luckily at this point im not rubbing on swaybar on my axel (which is weird because most jettas/golfs do at that level) but i guess im just lucky. There are some minor rubbing issues when I’m at full lock, or when the car is packed and I hit dips in the highway, but hey, if you ain’t rubbing you ain’t dubbin!

    Once again thanks for the kind words!

  4. Thanks for the info Mat. The car is gorgeous. I just picked up some Aristos for my Jetta, and the fronts looked the same (didn’t notice the 3mm, sorry, haha) but your rears sit a lot nicer than mine do now.

    How do the JOM’s ride? I’m debating between budget coils or maybe spendin a bit more and going air ride, but I’m not sure how I want my stance year round. Do you scrape a lot at that height in the GTA? Would you still rub at full lock without the spacer?

  5. the green rocco and red rabbit VRT are amazing cars. They belong to 2 of the Klammer brothers and are so clean its ridiculous. and Dan’s MK2 VR6 on the D90s…drool. I see these cars on a regular basis and I am amazed everytime….

  6. Does anyone know any info about that black MK4 with the Porsche wheels on the roof rack i would like to know where he got the rack from

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