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It’s been awhile since we’ve have played the guess this car game and as soon as I saw this car it would make a perfect candidate. Having been interested in cars most of my life it’s fairly rare for me to come across a model of car by  manufacturer I have never heard of before (kit cars aside).

Noah and Phil are normally pretty good at posting models of cars I have never seen before so chances are they might have an idea what it is, and so might Ollie as he knows his fair of oddball cars as well.

Regardless this contest is open to all of my readers and if you figure out what today’s car is you win your choice of url stickers, let’s get to guessing.

This car has an interesting time period correct profile
I have photo-shopped out the watermark and emblems for the purpose of this contest
The Motor is normally covered

Here is a little bit of information to get you guys rolling:

-The country that made this car makes knives
-It’s one of 4 prototype
-That’s a Chrysler v8 in the cabin
-That is the correct color


Well the cat’s pretty much out of the bag that this is a Monteverdi Hai 450 SS coupé so here are the un-edited photos and a little bit more information:

This could almost be the front of the car really
Same picture as before just with the watermark left in
Door is ajar.

Painted in a unique shade of magenta, the Hai 450 SS prototype debuted at the 1970 Geneva Auto Show. It was the company’s first mid-engine design which had a huge 426 cubic inch Chrysler V8 wedged in-between the passengers. This radical specification helped the car live up to its ‘Hai’ name which stood for shark in German. ‘450’ was the available horsepower and ‘SS’ or ‘Super Sports’ reflected its short wheel base.

Monteverdi initially planned to produce 49 copies, but production was halted after the two first examples. No orders rolled in probably due to the car’s huge $27 000 USD price tag. In the 1990s, Monteverdi made two replicas from spare parts that now currently reside in the official museum.

Read this full article on

I will have to try and make this game a little harder for you guys.

Site Updates

No events this weekend but as I mentioned yesterday I will have some Jitterbug guest coverage up tomorrow and I have a mini feature for next week that I should be wrapped up writing this weekend.

In personal news, as some of you might know, my girlfriend and I have been looking for a new dwelling and one of the places we bid on last week (it sold) had some of the largest, most incorrectly designed, speed humps I have ever encountered.

If I went on an angle by the time my rear wheel hit the bump my front wheel was already down and I would practically high side giving my exhaust quite the rubbing.

The only way I could really get through was if I let some of my wheels go through the gap in the middle (each hump is made up of two sets of humps) and then drive straight over the other one and just have my pinch welds scraped slightly.

Either way it really sucked and had we have got the place it would have put a stop on me going any lower.

Thought it might not look like it this was the BEST approach.
Close up of the marks I left

But since it sold, I don’t have to worry about the above monsters anymore and I ordered up what I needed from BC to go lower 🙂

It should all arrive in about 2 weeks.

Flashback Friday

A recent email (more on that next week) has had me thinking about Subaru’s, which got me thinking when is the next TSC Hyper Meet? Here is a link to the photos from last year while I go find out.

Bomb Forrester from 2009 Hyperfest


  1. nice one chuck (GIT LOL) dave there arnt 4 there are six (or used to be) and amazingly that isnt the only one in that color there is another one that has a bright orenge interior, i used to have a copy photo of the monteverde underground car park(im just weird like that) with six Hai’s (famed for being horrable to drive if you have long arms besause you crack your elbow on the engine cover every time you change gear) and the monteverde highspeed cupe 375l (thay also made a highspeed 440ss)one of wich used to be fitted with a 512cu motor ! thats all i know about the company off the top of my head

  2. imagine the noise….. imagine if it decides to trow out a con-rod….
    426 hemi spweing out it`s internals right besides you… gotta be scary.

  3. @Chuck no need to be sorry lol I will email you soon & Good call on if the motor grenaded itself.

    @Ollie I can’t believe you knew all that off the top of your head haha.

    @Joe, ya it would be a lot of fun.

  4. dave its the miss use of a high iq and a child hood spent waching jean ragnotty (my motoring hero) vidio’s and the original italian job insted of sesermystreet lol
    chuck man love your passion
    joe 2 words tatomaso panatera (funerly enough the stance poaster car)

  5. very very beautiful but almoast imposable to drive fast due to horific handeling charicteristics (which is odd because i cant think of a harder car to drive than my dads old pantera) which is why they are the lesser known car and why its never killed off the AC (shelby) COBRA which we all know and fear which is what it was born to do hence the name,speeking of which what do you think of the new marcos?

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