Theme Tuesdays: J Swaps


Sometimes Theme Tuesday ideas just kind of pop into my head and won’t leave and today’s post on Honda J Swaps is exactly one of those. There was no trigger car or anything like that, the idea just came to me and wouldn’t leave.

For those of you not super familiar with Honda power plants (I am no expert myself) the J is one of Honda’s two V6 motor families. The motor is normally found in the Odyssey, Accord, Acura RDX and so forth.

It makes, depending on donor vehicle, anywhere from 200 to 286 hp in factory trim. The biggest downside to this motor is its size. To give the oil pan plenty of clearance it has to be mounted in such a way that you need to cut the hood, or run no hood at all, for it to work.

This J swap is out of BC and the owner is part of the Level One Crew
A clean build over all this angle really gives you an idea of just how imposing the 3.2L J motor is – Life with JSON is the source for more photos of this car.
Not nearly as pretty as the Civic above this sedan is also sporting a J swap, and for some reason a Kayak. Via Car Throttle
Very clean Integra on t37 with a J popping out
Some of you might be asking if a cowl would look better than a hood cut out, but I saw one in my travels and the answer is no
No hood at all on this car, which looks to be on J Line wheels I believe…
Joey Lee from the Chronicles spotted this purpose-built drag car featuring a J motor
It was at the 2015 Blox evoloution show, and as you can see the engine bay also houses a large turbo
Turbo J’s seem to be a bit more popular now that the swap is more commonplace – via
A local Turbo J car that I have not seen since Importfest 2013
Jason Langley spotted this turbo J s2000 under construction at the Detroit Autorama
The car is now complete and twin turbo!
This local J swapped car has been around for a few years, and is the first J swapped car I ever saw in person
I have not seen it in a few years but every time I ask if it’s still around the answer is always yes so I’ll just assume that is still the case


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