Event Coverage: SEMA Part 4


Here is another photo overload from SEMA 2010. For those of you who are waiting for photos of the cars that were outside of SEMA rest assured I lots of great coverage from the outside as well that will be making it’s way up to the site over the next few days.

In the meantime enjoy some more of what was going on inside the halls. After this set I believe I’ve got one hall left along with some of the adjacent hallways before taking it outside into the Vegas sun.


Painters, 4×4’s wine, and emotion

I wonder what the finished product ended up looking like, fitting image for today regardless
For some reason I can't find any other pictures of this car, but I guess this is enough
I know this blog is about low cars but 4x4s intrigue me
I guess it's just my general respect for suspension mods?
Driving emotion
I suffered for you guys, I tell ya

American rides

Rims are a little out there but the color sure is purdy
Fire chicken!
The Camaro is inescapable
This would have been so much cooler if the marks were real
Vaughn Gittin Jr's drift Mustang


The Mazda section really excited me when I saw it in a distance because they had the new 3 all decked out for time attack, a worked over Miata, and a pair of serious RX-8s.

Killer Miata, Mazda really came out strong at SEMA
These wheels are absurdly expensive for oem wheels
A Mazda 2 in street trim, like I said these are going to be hot
Now this is what I'm talking about, a great functional and beautiful Mazda 2
Time attack turbocharged Mazda3 putting down around 520hp, NUTS, hows that smile look now?
No word of a lie this is the November car in my office Formula Drift Calendar
This car wasn't completely finished but still sick
Once done it should be a track terror

Nissans, Toyotas, and Kias

Kia Koup-R, pretty aggressive looking for a kia
Well used, still hood
Eneki brought out this beautiful Datsun
LS640 on Advanti wheels
Skyline + BBS + CF
Winning combination
On the other side a wheel was missing, for some reason or other
KP61 Starlet
I didn't even have to ask Lyndsey to take photos of this
She just knew
So, so clean, kudos to the builder(s)


Audi’s BMW’s, and Mercedes, though I somehow this missed one.

I like the way the black roof flows into the hood which flows into the grill
Mastermind Fairy Design Porsche Panamera
GT3RS, I might have bowed down to this car
So beautiful
Not really sure how I feel about X5 modification
One of many track ready BMWs at the show
Wouldn't mind taking this out for a spin on the track
And something a little more fit for the streets
Going wide with Team Forged
Nice color


I have a love hate relationship with exotic cars. I love them because what they are capable of but hate them because of the people who often own them and the fact I will probably never be able to.

Melo Yellow
Love these
Perfect color combo on this car, nothing fancy and attention grabbing
Still not big into Ferrari's (out of my league) but this 458 on HRE's looks great
Most expensive street car to be wrapped? Epson of all people

Hope you guys are enjoying the photos so far, I’m doing my best to share the SEMA experience with you.


  1. I’ve never owned a Kia, but man, they seem to really know where they want to go with their brand. I like it. But if there was a winner for best presentation by a specific manufacturer, I’d have to say Mazda, they’ve kept to their ethos of building cars that can be both practical, and very effective on the track with as little as a suspension swap, wide wheels, and race slicks.

  2. Joe, you are right whoever the brand manger is at Kia they are really making a run at turning around their reputation.

    Mazda has an impressive lineup of ‘pocket rockets’ per say and I really enjoy driving my 3 sadly I think the biggest thing that will keep me from purchasing another is premature rust, sure they cover it but it’s quite the hassle to deal with.

  3. rock on lyndsey on the kp61 one of the moast under rated cars of all time 650 kilos rwd what more do you want in life lol (strangly the name and d.o.b of my mum) rust is the fault in all good cars (in fact starlets rust like a mother bich too) its just somthing we live with

    • Ollie, Stance to me is never just low 😛 however I tend to lean more towards the lowered spectrum of stance. But ya 4x4s have stance too, did you see the ones from part 1?

  4. yeah dude i did that exosexliton airbaged thing was and i do no say this lightly AMAZING bit i was on my girlfriends phone and just couldnt be botherd spending 20 minuets hammering away at that thing for 2 lines of text lol

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