WTF Friday: SEMA oddities


With any car show you are bound to come across cars that make you go ‘huh?’ and SEMA was no exception. Today’s WTF Friday includes some of the cars, at SEMA that caused that reaction.

I am sure there were more I’m sure but I was too distracted by the awesome to pick up on them.

DW Drum Machine

This one has a bit of an excuse, see as how it’s obviously an art car, and for an art car it’s not all that bad.

However I’m not sure who would drive this daily, also not sure if the drum sticks would hold up to the elements daily.

Sticks everywhere!
The little drums around the headlights are actually kind of neat
Rolling band?
It even had it's own mascot! (Which is a little creepy)

Party Limo

How would you like to show up to your next social function in this Limo? You would be sure to make an impression.

Big stacks.
When I stuck my head in to take a look I regretted it, this car smelled of stale smoke and poor judgment
Well, they didn't bust

Over the top show beasts

These cars would both rack up a lot of points at a traditional show just for the sheer amount of modifications thrown at them.

Both were built fairly well for what they are, and the airbrushing on the second was great from an artistic stand point.

Does this car run with the TV there? Who knows
The motor is her brain I guess?
It's kind of like Superman's Fortress of Solitude got invaded by monsters...
After you notice the wheel check out the corner of the tank of liquid on the right

The Scythe

This car from Galphin Auto Sports, aka GAS, aka the last crew I saw working for the show ‘Pimp My Ride‘ brought out their Scythe concept car.

This was about the last car I saw of the weekend and upon seeing it I thought perhaps maybe I had been out in the Vegas sun too long and my mind was playing tricks on me, but nope it was real.

This car was completely over the top and that way on purpose, sometimes this approach works very well (see: Beatnik Bandit) but I wasn’t really that much of a fan of this final product, it looked a little to alien for my taste.

Twin supercharged this car is reported to make 1500 hp

Since I have not done a contest in awhile, the first person to correctly identify what this car started as wins a couple of stickers. It’s not hard to find google helps 😉

Site Updates

Not too much in terms of updates this week however the store has been updated and the pink/white stickers I like em dropped are now back in stock with one important difference, there are nolonger white panties under the pink ones.

This was done so that the panties cover move of the legs than the previous versions which results in a better looking sticker over all.

Flashback Friday

The Starlet I posted in part 4 of the SEMA coverage reminded me of this one which I posted in a post titled ‘Clean Dinah Bitch’

Check out JDM Chicago when you got a sec too

That saying still makes me laugh, I’m going to drop at least one more post over the weekend so keep an eye out!


  1. I’m totally jealous you went to SEMA. But thanks for the awesome coverage, awesome mix over the past few days. I finally ordered me a “I like ’em dropped” decal, 2 actually. Should look sweet on the GTI. My GF prob won’t be too happy about it though. Oh well…..

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