Clean Dinah Bitch


I got the words “CLEAN Dinah Bitch” sent to me by sergio0h via twitter (which was a retweet of the same thing by TyCity) with a link to the car in this post. I still have no clue what Dinah means but after some light digging I found out that this car is actually a tidy little Toyota Starlet.

A quick trip over to JDM Chicago revealed a nice little feature on this car which is a nice little read which describes just how much work went into making this clean hatch into the car it is today.

I've never seen a Starlet in person but if they can look this nice I am welcome to seeing more
4A-GE and ITB's I bet it sounds pretty mean
Clean ass to boot!

This car looks like a blast to drive but can anyone further enlighten me to what ‘Clean Dinah Bitch‘ means though? I am a little lost on that still.


  1. Fundillo got it, cleaner than a bitch lol apparently Texas slang! I gotta get up on the out of country slang more.

    Sam looks like I might have to go huntin

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