Blast from the past: The Collective work on AndreNY


Some consider the Stance/Fitment/Flush up-rise a terrible trash bin worthy fad that is one it’s way out, while others acknowledge it as valid facet of the automotive community which is helping the scene move towards a cleaner less is more approach to modification. The dedicated know that it’s all nothing new and and have been doing it for years.

AndreNY had already been going steadily against the grain for awhile when I caught up with his antics around 2005 or so. At this point he had already developed a deep fondness for what was going on in the German e30 scene and decided it was time to bring it the New York with his 325e.

Quite frankly he didn’t make many friends doing it, people called his wheel fitment Mexican, the fact that he chose one of the slowest e30s as rice, his car a bondo bucket and his ride height as impractical. No matter what the haters had to say though his e30 got noticed globally and was even featured in Performance BMW Magazine and is still to this day consistently posted in ‘e30 appreciation threads in forums everywhere’.

Andre sold his e30 and I know it ended up in the hands of a vwvortex member for awhile but I have no idea where it is today. What I do know is that after his e30 he had a number of memorable German rides and I have complied as many as I could find into today’s post (I know an e36 is missing).

Hope you enjoy the work of someone who’s had their finger to pulse of the North American stance scene when it was barley beating.

Andre’s Benz’s

Keeping it German and keeping it classy Andre’s tri stars have always been eye catchers.

This Benz looks mafia ready
Clean and classy
Andres 500e on LMs
Gotta love the LMs on a classic lux car like this
He also had this car on some deep dish wheels, I think these are OZs

Andre’s Audis

Andre’s love for German vehicles is not brand based so he looks to keep it fresh and switch it up, here are some Audi’s AndreNY style.

This is probably the tamest looking of all of Andre's cars
This Audi is sittin on Benz Monoblocks and looks amazing

Andres 5 series

Andre’s 5 series still actually lives on today with a new owner and an new set of wheels but here is what it looked like when Andre had it.

I have always been a very big M Parallel fan my second favorite OEM BMW wheel
Andre was rocking the boser style hood early

AndreNy’s e30

This is the car that made Andre internet (in)famous, say what you want about the man, the bodywork, and the motor, this car it’s still iconic among the e30 community to this day.

Rocking flushed out Type A's early
On most cars I would want the Mtech II sides as well but this works without
This was a performance BMW feature car in its day
Night time shot of the type A's
Later in the life of his e30 Andre switched it up with some S-lines
Andre rollin, not the I lip on the bottom of the mtech II piece to make it lower
The definition of down and out

Hopefully everything is still good with AndreNY today and he posts some photos of his latest euro car because if there is one constant among all his cars it’s that his stance will be dead on point.


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