Theme Tuesdays: UCF10 & UCF20 Lexus LS400s


In the four-year span between this post and the original LS400 Theme Tuesday post people have pushed the first and second generation LS400 chassis passed what was previously deemed possible.

Whether it be wider, lower, faster or more sideways this aging luxury sedan still looks pretty contemporary in the right hands. Heck it still looks a hell of a lot better than some of the luxury sedans that came after it.

These cars are capable of swallowing wheels, if I had to hazard a guess.. 10s all around?
It’s funny at the time these were released I hated two tones and gold emblems, guess my tastes are now more refined
I’ve always been amazed that I have not seen a single photo of this car where the bumper shows any damage, with such a large lip I’d imagine it is a bit of a handful to pilot
Sleepy Wagon’s not so wagony LS400
The modified front fenders on this car really make it stand out when compared to standard UCF20s
Locksmice Duke wheels just suit this car so well, perhaps the BBS RS of the LS400 world


Bazerias are not a bad choice either
A new burnout Theme Tuesday is on my ‘To Do’ list
I’m willing to bet this is the only LS in this color anywhere
The SK Performance LS400 is also a very unique color, I have not seen another in it
The SK Performance daily driver is also a very unique color, looks slightly different every time I see it
Sic's LS400 is on 22s this season, 22x11 out back...
Sic’s Ryde’s car has seen a whole pile of different wheels under it
Pretty sure these only lasted one show
Brett’s LS400 which I post a lot but hey… it’s awesome
This Super Star Garage build is absolutely wild
It changed recently and actually looks as though it would fit in perfectly in Japan. There’s a build thread for this car here which I am only on the second page of
Elvis’ (of Stance Nation Fame) Lexus LS400 when it was bagged

The newer, wider, static rendition

Sadly I don’t think it sees much road time anymore
For those of you that love the color blue, but perhaps not the camber above here’s another state side example from AutoFashion
…and sliding through with the combo breaker


I know there are a few of you reading this who feel this is the only proper thing to do with a rwd sedan
LS 400 race cars didn’t really yield a lot of hits but I did find this build by Sergey of Sergey’s House of wheels


He has a thread on the progress though it seems like Instagram and Facebook might be your best bets for consistent updates


  1. Awesome theme, love the early LS models.
    If my taste in cars ever matures, either an LS400 or a KA9 Legend will be parked in front of my house.

  2. I just HAD to comment after that about “taste maturing” because I have a KA9 and a LS400! Lol but as far as me being mature?! Lol! Also have a GSXR1000k4 for my lighter side.

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