Event Coverage: SEMA Part 7


This is going to be the second last set of coverage and it’s pretty substantial, 50 plus photos from the outside of the show so if you are on a phone or a stressed connection give it some time.

Imagine the net worth of all the cars on the convention center grounds during the week? That’s a lot of money.

The Bandit

When I was growing up there was a 1979 Trans Am that sat at the end of the street I lived on from when I was 8 to the time I got my license.

I tried to convince my dad we should have it but he thought otherwise. I watched this car fade from a bright orange to a dull peach before it vanished and all that was left was a rust stain on the interlocked driveway.

This car reminded me of that, and obviously Smokey & The Bandit.

The Iconic bird restyled
I like the updated wheels a lot
Someone once told me the 78/79s were fairly slow, I bet this one goes though

The Derelict

Speedhunters did a feature on this ’52 Town and Country, which was basically a modern updated chassis under an un restored barn find body.

Epic sleeper status.

It's got a Hemi
While it looks rough I would wager it rides well
The tailgate was in great shape for original
As was the interior
Quick shot of the specs for those interested

Rolling Canvas

This mini truck had a lot of work done to it but what was interesting was the airbrush work over the entirety of this truck.

The devil was in the details and the details were everywhere.

The eyes were one of the more obvious details
While details like the strapping on the tanks were more subtle
The entire body was covered in art, and it was RHD as well
Cup holders in the middle of the seat? Brilliant as I do this anyway
I think the overall theme of the artwork was under water/ pirate related


While we are on the topic of trucks here are a few more that were outside

Gas pig for sure but looks great
Solid colors are always a safe bet
But I LOVE this paint and color scheme
Rats are always very interesting
and this one's got a bed so it's a truck
This High Lux was also pretty unique
I believe it was the only older JDM truck at the show

Vip Styled cars

Some of these are obvious VIP builds while others just have a little bit of VIP influence to them.

This Ac looked pretty classy and was well fitted
Stance on point
This car made me think of Sic Ryde..
Perhaps his 2012 look?
This Lex is very 'grown man business'
GS/ Aristo on Weds
Sit's mighty fine
Job Design Neo Hybrid Celsior
With Forgestar getting in on the pin striping
I posted about this car on facebook a couple of times, very clean
Also on Weds


A mixed bag of awesome

Murdered, bagged, 300
Pretty crazy wide body Acura
With a wide ass
Eurostop brought these two e30s out
Fitment was a little off for the wide body but pretty eye catching none the less
Simple, yet effective e36
e46 on awesome TSW wheels, though the Kitsuna is a little out of place
Hello Kitty
The copper finish on the wheels really pops
This Impala offers higher education
Very clean g35
Reppin' canibeat plate covers
Beauty of a Continental
Could fit a lot of bodies in this trunk
Bagged Mag
Miata on XXRs
Equipped with a serious diffuser
Beautiful custom rod
Jet bike + Ramp = ??
Had to take some shots of this for the Rally fans
Probably the cleanest this car has ever been
Love this flat blue paint, Hot Rod Flatz perhaps?
End things off with a Type 65 Coupe replica

Even at part 7 I am still in shock that one batch of  SEMA coverage is equal to an entire set of car show coverage I do normally.

I should have the final coverage from SEMA tomorrow, I’m going for the title of ‘The only blog still posting SEMA coverage‘ haha.


  1. I really appreciate the qualitative look at this year’s SEMA show. As far as I know, you are the first one to actually mention and show that 953 paris-dakar rally Porsche. Those DTM-esque E30’s are just amazing.

    • Thanks Joe. I really wanted to make the most of my first SEMA experience and share as much as possible.

      A SEMA vet I met actually mentioned to me how he loves talking to first timers because we are so enthusiastic about the whole thing and try and capture everything.

      …he then went on to mention that 2010 was a small show compared to past years. Then laughed at my slack jawed expression.

  2. Dave you picked perfect sets of VIP cars. Whats funny is the car that made you think of Sic makes me think of him too. Not cuz of how the car looks, but that he has the same car done up ut in white lol. His, ame is Sean from JDM Palace. And the last Black LS430 is set up witg the Platinum VIP Phantom Cup Kit. So bad ass, I want a set for my IS.

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