Theme Tuesdays: Dat Ass


I swear I did a Theme Tuesday like this before but it turns out I only posted a small collection of car derrieres. It’s kind of funny that not even two years in I am already  losing track of what I’ve posted, anyway my poor memory aside today’s Theme is the ass end of cars.

I tried my best to get only direct back shots but I made a few exceptions in cases I deemed appropriate, hopefully you do as well.

Start things off with a bang
Mugen NSX, RR
Local e46
I need this car and road in my life.
Damn this looks fantastic
I love how you can tell this car has serious rake going on
One of those exceptions I was talking about
The Victoria based RX-8 from a bit back
I think this car was sold
Roofline = mirror height
Another worthy exception
The final exception
Over fenders and still pokin
Mustangs are good at this
Nice view as it pulls away from you
Dat exhaust?


  1. The R8 with the huge spoiler makes me feel tingly inside, and that nsx is so mutha effin clean its unreal… love ur website main keep it goin

  2. I had a bunch of pictures of that Cobra. I read up on it a while ago, if I recall it has something like 1000+ hp and is just silly.

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